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New colours and designs consistently add to the very popular and versatile brushed handmade fabrics. Handmade fabrics are lightweight and tightly woven from fine yarns, produced by using traditional techniques of hand dying, warping, weaving and washing. The unique qualities of handmade fabrics make them ideal for creating kitchen accessories, curtains and valances. Handmade fabrics bring about the natural feel for making all of the upholstery, drapery or other home craft projects. One can choose between several styles of weaves, as well as hemp fabrics, and hemp, silk, or cotton blends.

Handmade These natural fabrics are machine washable, and are specially woven for rudimentary finishing, so they take on the same soft, full drape after numerous washings. Each weave is also thick enough to allow to skip the effort and expense of lining - especially beneficial in sewing draperies and clothing, because natural breathability is created. These fabrics are great for draperies, wall coverings, upholstery, slip covers, bed or table linens, displays, costumes, clothing and anything one can imagine.