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If we consider bed furnishings industry from employment perspective then it is incomparable. The bed and bedding furnishing industry is showing unprecedented growth. Buyers can find both branded as well as unbranded products. The bedding home furnishings industry is now flourishing and catering the needs of everyone.

Bedding History
If we look back into the history of bed furnishings then it was the Egyptian pharaohs , who around 34000 BC, moved their beds above the ground for sleep. The trend of filling the mattress with hay, feather or wool was instigated in Roman Empire. Beds of cast iron came into the market during 18th century. So from time to time, bed and bedding furnishings have seen tremendous changes and today it has metamorphosed and reached at a point where it serves its purpose of providing comfort and at the same time beautify the room.

Bedding Furnishing Products
In the market there are numerous products that are categorized into bedding furnishings. The most happening and the one that matches the requirements can be picked up. These bedding home furnishing products include:
Bed & Bedding FurnishingsMost of the bed and bedding furnishings products are used for decoration and comfort. Available in different designs, fabrics, patterns, styles, color and sizes, these are now can be seen in every bedroom.

Diversity in bedding material
Bedding material is the fabric that is used in the manufacturing of bedspreads, duvet, blankets and other furnishing products. The most commonly used materials are linen, polyester, cotton, satin, silk, wool, bamboo fiber and jute. But by keeping in mind the demand of international quality, preference is given to natural or organic material. The eco friendly bed and bedding furnishings products are now mostly made from cotton. Cotton bed sheets, bedspreads are mostly use for casual and daily purposes. Wherein natural fiber such as silk, bamboo fabric results into formal bed furnishings.

Green Bedding: An eco friendly aspect of bed and bedding furnishings
Bed & Bedding FurnishingsEnvironment and its security is the major concern of the day. The whole world is now talking about the issue of environment. With this the green bed and bedding furnishings has acquired an important place in home furnishings. Manufactures are now in the stage of reviewing their products so that more eco friendly bedding furnishings and other bedding home furnishings products can be manufactured. Green Bed and bedding furnishings are made up of eco friendly material. Various non toxic chemicals for processing the fibers and coloring them have replaced the toxic ones. Polyester is the main synthetic product that is used in manufacturing of bedding home furnishings. It releases volatile organic compound and manufactured from nonrenewable petrochemicals. On the other hand, the eco friendly green bed and bedding furnishings are made up of renewal fibers that are harmless to the environment. It includes cotton, bamboo fabric, linen and silk. Not only this, the filling in duvets and quilts is now also done by green fillers that include wool, feathers, cotton, down and kapok. Meanwhile, many organic and natural bed and bedding furnishings companies and manufactures are emphasizing the use of green bedding as these are safe to the environment as well as you. Every trade association of council that is related to bed and bedding furnishings is now promoting the green and natural bedding. But major part of Asia where buyers are still cost-sensitive synthetic bed and bedding furnishings are in demand.

Leading brands of bed and bedding furnishings in India
India is brand name in itself for embroidered and traditional bed sheets, pillow covers, bedspreads and other bedding home furnishings. But there are many brands, which represent India on International market. In this are Bombay Dyeing, Kurlon and Spaces. Bombay Dyeing captures the largest share of the market in India as it reaches the masses. But all these brands follow the latest fashion trends while designing the most contemporary and eye catching styles. With the more lenient export and import policies, many foreign brands are now targeting the Indian bed and bedding furnishings market. With this almost all the notable brands in India are now competing with them on style, designs, quality and price.

Leading brands in International Market
With the housing boom across the world, momentum in home textile and bed and bedding furnishings is palpable. Welspun is one of the major brands in Asia related to terry towels and bed furnishings industry that is also spreading its root in Indian market. Welspun is working with Spaces to capture the Indian bed and bedding furnishings market. Same like this is the Portico, a New York based brand. It offers bed sheets, bath towels, curtains and cushion covers. You can find their products in their chain of 'Creative Living' stores. Another brand named Bucilla and Glossilla is also very popular. Hand crocheted bedspreads are its specialty.

Major Bed and Bedding Companies across the world:
  • Hollander Home Fashions Corp.
  • Louisville Bedding Company
  • Sunvim HomeTextiles Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Huaxu Blanket Products Company
  • Tempur-Pedic International, Inc.
  • Trident Group
  • Welspun India Ltd.
  • Arvind Mills

Trade Associations

» National Bed Federation (NBF) UK

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