Wool Fabric

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Wool is the fiber derived from the hair of domesticated animals, usually sheep. Most of the fiber from domestic sheep has two qualities that distinguish it from being hair or fur: Wool is scaled in such a way that it helps the animal move out burrs and seeds that might embed themselves into its skin; and it is crimped, in some fleeces more than 20 bends per inch. Both the scaling and the crimp make it possible to spin and felt the fleece. They help the individual fibers "grab" each other so that they stay together.

Characteristics of Wool Fabric
Wool Fabric Wool grows in several natural colors such as black, brown, grey and the most commonly available, white. Wool of any color takes dye easily and can be felted. Wool straight from a sheep is highly water-resistant. It is said to be "in the grease", the grease being lanolin, and can be worked into yarn and knit into water-resistant mittens. This fabric retains heat better than other fabrics when wet.

In addition to clothing, wool has been used for carpeting, felting, and padding. Wool is used to absorb odors and noise in heavy machinery and stereo speakers. Ancient Greeks lined their helmets with felt and Roman legionnaires used breastplates made of wool felt.