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Leather Fabric

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For modern home decor, leather is one of the most widely used material for upholstery. The wooden living room sofa sets or couches or dining room chairs look all the more royal and luxurious using leather upholstery. Leather will always bear the marks of its natural origin and these characteristics can show as scratches, growth marks, areas of differing fiber density and hair pore structure. These characteristics in no way detract from the wearing qualities of the leather. With use, it develops a patina, which enhances its beauty.

Leather Upholstery

Besides being used in making fashion garments, shoes, wallets, bags, belts, one of the most common use of leather is in upholstery. Upholstery of a room is the major focal point that attracts every eye with its style and class. Leather upholstery gives your place an elegant look along with rendering full-comfort, besides displaying your classy taste and high- attributes. Upholstery leather is made of different skins, grain, textures and colors. Leather for upholstery such as sofa covers, couch-covers, valances, furnishings have been widely demanded in modern times for home decor and furnishings.

Leather Upholstery

Leather Upholstery: Varied Skins and Textures

Leather Fabric Aniline Leather: Aniline leather is the most natural looking leather with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible. Aniline leather is colored only with dye and not with a surface coating of polymer and pigment .

Nubuck Leather : Nubuck Leather is actually aniline leather, where the surface has been brushed and polished and has a velvet like texture with lush appearance. It is also known as Chaps, Distressed, and Bomber. Like velvet, the textured surface will show a difference in shading when you run your hand over it.

Goat Suede: Goat Suede is generally the inner side of the hide or skin next to the meat of the animal, buffed to a smooth finish. Suede may also be split from a thick hide. Goat Suede is available in many attractive finishes with different texture.

Cow Nappa: Cow Nappa is a smooth and soft surface leather, which is taken out from the outer skin of the cow. This leather is available in various colors and finishes. Due to its softness, cow nappa leather is used in making a host of fashion apparels. This leather is wrinkle free.

Lamp Nappa: Lamp Nappa leather is the softest leather, which is taken out from a lamb or young sheep. Its a soft and light-weight leather. It is generally used for making sports wear jackets.

Sheep Nappa: Originally, only sheep skin was referred to as "Nappa." However, in recent years, the word "Nappa" has become an adjective, meaning "soft" and now this term covers all leathers with a smooth and soft surface, which comes from the outer of the animal.

Pig Suede: Pig Suede leather is generally the inner side of the hide or skin next to the meat of the pig, buffed to a smooth finish. Suede may also be split from a thick hide.