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What is a textile?

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A textile, also known as a cloth or fabric is a flexible material made as a result of networking of natural or artificial fibers. It is formed by weaving, knitting and other techniques.

The range and variety of fibers has increased in the last 100 years. While in the early 19th century, only natural textiles were manufactured, synthetic textiles became popular in the middle of the 19th century. Synthetic textiles are known to possess properties like heat resistance, durability, water proof, which make them quite useful in manufacturing a number of products.

Source of Textiles
Textiles can be obtained from a variety of sources including: Man made textile can be both cellulosic and non cellulosic polymer based. Some of the major synthetic textiles are rayon, nylon, acrylic, modacrylic etc.

Types of Textiles
A vast range of man made and natural textiles are available for use in home furnishings, garments and industries. Some of the popular classes are: Applications
Many industries including home furnishings, automobile, garments etc are major consumers of different types of textiles. These textiles are also used by interior decorators, home makers, dress designers, retail store customers for various purposes.