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Your resource for home furnishings and home décor ideas. Featured articles are on Eco friendly home decorating ideas, trends in home textiles, useful tips to maintain home textiles, buying information guide and more ...You'll find these articles that are truly helpful.

Dining Room Seat Cushions And Chair Pads
25 April 2011- The dining room is both a functional space and social space. Members of the household eat lunch and dinner there, but also time there talking with each other over dessert, cups of tea and coffee....

Designer Shower Curtains: An Upcoming Trend in Bathroom Decor
20 April 2011- For a quick and easy makeover of your bathroom, opt for designer shower curtains. The best way to bring about a change in the look of your bathroom is to add some new accessories and one of the most popular method today is to drape your shower area with a designer shower curtain...

Decorate Your Room With Christmas Rugs
29 November 2010- Make this Christmas a special one by re-decorating your rooms with Christmas rugs. With the Christmas season just round the corner, why not start preparing for it and give a festive touch to your room decor?...

Lovely Interior Decor with Bedroom Curtains
29 November 2010- Bedroom curtains make an essential and significant component of bedroom decorations. They not only improve the decore and chic of your livingroom ...

Its Time To Dress Up Your Room With Christmas Bedding
24 November 2010- Choosing a quilt cover can be a little confusing. Presenting few factors that are to be considered while purchasing quilt covers...

Apron Designs and Kitchen Apron Styles
21 November 2010- With the cold winters setting in, with Christmas approaching, it is time to start decking up and refurnishing your room with Christmas bedding to add a spark in your room. Go a step ahead in...

Kids Bath Rugs : Selection Tips
27 October 2010- Learn all about kids bath rugs, kids bathroom rugs colors, patterns and points to remember while choosing right kind of kids bath rug.

Functionality and Decor With Eco-friendly Shower Curtains
20 October 2010- When it comes to bathroom d?cor, there will always be a new trend, something more daring and sophisticated than ever before. However, the decorating or remodeling of your bathroom interior should be a matter of...

Use Textile Furnishings for Interior Decoration
08 October 2010- No doubt you need quality products for your nursery, and one outstanding brand to think about is Products. They are recognized as being quality, cozy, and beautifully designed. If you're not sure where to start when decorating your baby's room with Pottery Barn Kids...

Pottery Barn for Kids Nursery Tips
September 30, 2010- No doubt you need quality products for your nursery, and one outstanding brand to think about is Products. They are recognized as being quality, cozy, and beautifully designed. If you're not sure where to start when decorating your baby's room with Pottery Barn Kids...

Design Ideas for Fabric Shower Curtains
September 22, 2010- Fabric shower curtains are popularly used in washrooms or bathrooms. These are most often plain fabrics with simple prints and designs. Though these bland shower curtains can be added with some decorative design elements to convert them into designer fabric....

The Royal Satin Cushion Covers and Pillowcases
September 15, 2010- Satin fabric is extensively used in various home furnishing articles. It is actually a fabric made typically from silk. The sheen and softness of this fabric has made in....

Recycled Cushion Covers: Innovative Ideas
July 27 2010- Recycled cushion covers made from the old fabric is one of the innovative ideas for making home furnishing products. Cushion covers are the easiest way to decorate the place and your home....

Give Patio a New Look with Outdoor Chair Pads
July 16 2010- Outdoor chair pads not only bring the best air with them but these also make the patio chairs very comfortable to sit. If your patio furniture is made from wooden frame or from any metal then you definitely need one or other type of...

Learn How To Make Kitchen Chair Pads
July 12 2010- Kitchen chair pads make the sitting so comfortable that without kitchen chair pads you will feel the hardness of the seats. Most of the kitchen chair pads that you will find in the market will either wont match your interior decor or have...

How to Select Kitchen Curtains? - Some Ideas
June 29 2010- Kitchen can be a boring place for many of us - especially for those who don't like to cook at all. However, kitchen is one of those places in a house that is inevitable. You can't escape it! So, the only way left is to make your kitchen interesting enough to work in...

Fantastic Rug Home Decor Accessories- Chair Pads & Stair Tread Rugs
June 25, 2010- Area rugs have become quite popular among the home owners for home decor. As is natural, they find matching rug home decor accessories like braided chair pads with braided stair treads to bring consistency in their home interiors...

Trendy Home Decor with Curtains, Throws, Cushion Covers & Table Cloths
May 27, 2010- If you are longing for a trendy home decor style but you can't wait for those long home remodeling projects, its better you find ways to decorate your home with some trendy home furnishings like throws for beds...

Curtain Making: How to Make a Shower Curtain?
April 26, 2010- Shower curtains can really change the whole of your bathroom decor! You just need to hang a shower curtain there and see the amazing changeover! What did you say? Shower curtains are really expensive!

Popular Bedding Styles
April 01, 2010- Bedding is one thing that is required by everyone at their homes. Now, whether you use different bedding styles to update your home decor or not, depends on you. Right selection of bedding sets is one of the most easiest ways to bring desired mood and aesthetics to a room's decor.

How to Make Swing Cushion and Rocking Chair Cushion?
March 18, 2010- Cushions have become an inseparable part of any home. They can be seen everywhere- drawing room, dining room and even bedroom. The cushions adorned with beautiful cushion covers, give the home...

How to Make Pillow Cover
March 11, 2009- Pillow cover is the best, quickest and the cheapest way to decorate your home. You can place the it anywhere you like. Although you will get variety of...

How to Make Block Chenille Quilts - DIY
Chenille quilts are liked by all but few has the interest to make it. If you want to make block chenille quilts then here is the simple step by step procedure on how to make block...

Info on Deep Pocket Sheets for Bedding
Buying the extra thick mattress but worried about the sheets and those corners of your sheets that you cannot tuck under your mattress. But do not worry further as this problem has the solution in the form of deep pocket sheets.

How to Buy Decorative Pillows for Living Room – Modern Decorative Pillows
Decorative pillows very quickly bring change in the room. You must have noticed that after entering a room, it is the pillow that grab your attention.

Style of Wedding Chair Covers for a Romantic Wedding
Your the most special day is coming and you are almost done with every thing. But do you know that the selection of wedding chair covers can really help you in creating a fairytale and a romantic wedding.

Organic Baby Blankets - Organic Bedding for Your Little Ones
Skin of your little one is very soft and delicate. Anything harsh, even the cloth that you consider is the softest can harm their skin. So you must be very particular...

Baby Girl Bedding
Baby girl bedding for your princess comes in varied themes, pattern, material, color and style.

Textile Industry in India
Textile Industry in India is the oldest and one of the most promising industries in terms of its contribution to the overall GDP of the country.

What is Damask Fabric?
Damask fabric, which originally belongs to China, is made from cotton, silk, linen or wool that has intricate patterns and designs on it and also known as damask jacquard fabric.

Sliding Door Curtains
Sliding door curtains have their importance in decorating the room and come after paint in changing the look of the room so we cannot ignore this part of home decor.

Home Decor Fabric
In this world where everyone wants the perfect home, interior home decor fabrics have a defined role to play that change the entire look and feel of the home.

Buy Diwali Gifts and Send Diwali Presents
Diwali is an auspicious festival of lights, gifts, sweets that is celebrated with great charm and enthusiasm by Indians across the world.

Modern Home Furnishings: Home Decor Furnishings
Home decor furnishing ideas for contemporary or modern home furnishings are the need of every home these days.

Mattress Covers for Your Bedding
Mattress covers are used above the mattress to make your bedding and protect your mattress from dust, bugs and other unwanted things.

Handy Guide for Buying Bath Towels
Read handy guide for buying bath towels and check tips for buying bath towels for your bathroom. Also find different brands while choosing bath towels.

Uses & Types of Leather Fabric
our sofa needs upholstering and you are thinking which fabric to choose that goes with your room and home decor.

Diwali Gift Ideas
Diwali is an unquestionable symbol of festive season that is marked by shopping, crackles, sweets, exchange of gifts and rangoli.

Napkin Ideas for Setting a Table in Utmost Style
Learn napkin ideas for setting a table in utmost style.Also find napkin folding ideas, with choice between paper & cloth napkins, color & theme as great napkin ideas for setting the table.

Organic Textile Furnishings Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas
Your mind & body get completely relaxed when you think of a green home having organic textile furnishings that generate very valuable & eco-friendly home decorating ideas.

Table Runner: What a Unique Way of Styling A Table
You need an instant look that is catchy and make the whole show go ultimate

Table Skirting A Way to Decorate Your Table
Free flowing satin pleats of a table skirting on your table not only make your table looks so elegant but also complete the whole decoration.

Eco Friendly is on Trend in Home Textiles
With the awareness, the thought of eco friendly is an on trend in home textile industry

Linen Tablecloths: A True Decoration for a Party
A well decorated linen tablecloths are the item of luxury that grab the attention of everybody.

Stylish Bed And Bedding Furnishings Elements
Home is the heaven on earth where the tiring day ends with the family.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Tablecloth?
Don't worry about these stains as you can very easily remove these stains from the tablecloth to reuse them for the next party.

Shower Curtain Buying Guide
Complete shower curtain buying guide that will help you in finding the perfect shower curtain for your bathroom.

Bed Sheets Buying Tips
Looking for the comfort in your bedroom and guessing what is missing? It is your bed sheet that is demanding a change.

Handy Buying Information On Bath Mats
Select the right bath mat. It will add comfort and elegance and also metamorphose your dull looking bathroom to the voguish one.

Tips for Buying Bed Sheets
Bed sheets are one of the most important textile furnishings which decides whether we'll have sound sleep or not.

Tips for Buying Kitchen Furnishings
Here are some tips to help you buy the right kitchen linen.