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Curtain Making: How to Make a Shower Curtain?

26 April 2010- Shower curtains can really change the whole of your bathroom decor! You just need to hang a shower curtain there and see the amazing changeover! What did you say? Shower curtains are really expensive! All right, you would be very happy to learn that shower curtain sewing is a very easy project. You just need the basic sewing materials and a fabric of your choice for making curtain that goes with the decoration theme of your bathroom. So why wait, read these easy step-by-step instructions on how to make a shower curtain?

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Material Needed to Make a Shower Curtain

Ensure to buy an extra yard of fabric (provision for hems and any mistake you commit while shower curtain sewing) The standard shower curtain is 72x72 inches and it typically needs 5 yards of fabric (54 inches wide fabric). You must buy 6 yards of fabric to make your shower curtain.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Make a Shower Curtain

How to Make Shower Curtain
How to Make Shower Curtain
Follow the simple and easy instruction for making your shower curtain.
Your shower curtain sewing project is now over. Hang the beautiful shower curtain made by yourself in your bathroom and enjoy the surroundings!

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