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Bathroom furnishings give style as well as furnish the demand of a modern home. From kind and use to style and comfort, bathroom furnishings render the sense of closeness to the bathing space. But the bathroom furnishings' need and market earlier was not that large. It is since the mid-90s that the bath furnishings have undergone a tremendous change. For example: earlier the usage of bath mats, bathrobes, shower curtains etc was quiet less but the dream of having a luxury bathroom has created a niche for these products. This has created a huge supply chain of manufacturers, buyers, sellers, wholesalers of bathroom furnishings, suppliers of bath furnishings, retailers, stores and shopes.

As per the market of manufacturers is concerned then India and China are the chief manufacturers of bathroom furnishing products and thus have many suppliers and wholesale dealers of these products. Bangladesh and Pakistan are also seen in the picture of bath furnishings. Now if we consider the Indian context of textile and bathroom furnishings then textile manufacturing and export forms the major part of Indian economy. India earns 27% of its foreign exchange by exporting textile. Then in the total industrial production, the textile industry's contribution is close to 14%. If we see this from employment angle then this industry accounts for 21% of the total employment. But recently a huge set back because of the poor supply chain management, unorganized industrial sector, outdated manufacturing technology, cheaper textile and products from various other Asian countries has led to the weakness in the Indian textile industry, which also covers bathroom furnishings. To overcome these issues Government has formulated “The National Textile Policy 2000” . More modern manufacturing techniques and machinery, road developments and organization of the whole industry is the main aim of this policy.

Bathroom Furnishings Bathroom Furnishing Products
In the current times, bathrooms are made equally lavish as any other room. Expensive and beautiful face towels make for a decorative item, while bright colored bathroom furnishings in different textiles are manufactured, which are not only durable and functional but also, add to the aesthetic value of the place. Embroidered and lgs add warmth to the place, pastel shades impart an elegant look. Bathroom furnishing products include the following:
Journey from Synthetic Bathroom Furnishings to Green Bathroom furnishings
Today's consumer is totally aware of natural resources and their scarcity. This eco friendly awareness has led to the concept of green bathroom furnishings. More and more ecologically sound furnishing materials are now coming in the market that provide comfort and convenience. Green bathroom furnishing materials are measured on the toxicity and how they are manufactured. Now consider the use of organic bath towels, which are in vogue. These are harmless to skin and safe to use. Example for this is Coyuchi in Asia. This place is famous for the organic towels where pesticide free farming is done. Wherein Organic Towel Company, UK is notable for manufacturing all kinds of green and organic bathroom furnishings that are safe to the environment and human.

USA is the principal promoter of green bathroom furnishings and other green and organic products. In US special efforts to promote cotton production have been taken as this is the chief green bath furnishings material. Many promotional programs, researches, well integrated marketing system and government program for the global market are working collaboratively. While manufacturing these green bathroom furnishings the natural unbleached colors are used.

Major Bathroom Furnishings Companies
  • T M International
  • AL-Firdhouse International
  • KC International Ltd
  • Oscar International
  • Badger Bathrooms Ltd
  • Globus Globally Supply LLP
  • Amtex International Corporation

Major Brands in Bathroom furnishings Industry
  • Bombay Dyeing
  • Welspun
  • Terry Towels
  • Armani International
  • Barbara Berry

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