Bath Robes

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Bath Robes Bathrobes are a long single piece robes very similar to the over coat. They are extremely smooth and are available with beautiful motifs embroidered into the material. Bath robes make lounging around the house a stylish pastime. Bathrobes are a popular bathroom accessory that are generally worn around and fastened with the help of a wrap-style tie belt. These cozy comfy bathrobes can prove to be a great gift for someone special.

Bathrobes come in a wide variety of colors and designs to meet variegating preferences. These are made from 100% cotton fabrics and also come in designs with pockets on either sides to keep required personal accessory. Some are available in super-soft, super-absorbent terry made of ring-spun combed cotton pile with a decorative dobby border. Providing luxury and style, bathrobes can be of varying length, ranging from short ones to knee length bathrobes and long bathrobes.