Face Towels

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Face Towels Face towels are the smaller version of bath towel that are used to wipe the face after washing it and are also used as handkerchief. To provide more fashion to face towels, some manufacturers add embroidery or lace, making it a decorative item for the bathroom. These can also be patterned with unique design that is woven right into the towel and are constructed on a special type of loom.

They are made from 100% cotton. The type of face towels available in stores are terry and velour. Cotton terry face towels are woven on a loom and the loops are normally referred to as "pile" or "loop surfaces." Velour or sheared towels are produced in the same fashion that terry is produced, with an additional process that cuts the terry loops on one side. The aesthetics of the velour side provide a decorative look. Colorful designs are printed on the surface of either terry or velour face towels.