Bath Towels

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Bath towels are used for bathing and the most required bathroom accessory. A bath towel is a piece of absorbent fabric whose chief use is for drying the body, by drawing moisture, usually water into the fabric, through direct contact, with either a blotting or rubbing motion. Bath towels have long been a utilitarian objects that everybody has and are used for drying one's body after bathing or showering.

Bathroom towels are typically rectangular, with a size somewhere around 75x150 cm. These bathroom towels often have colorful patterns printed or woven into them. They are generally made from a silky-soft blend of polyester, cotton and nylon. These can also be used for the purposes other than drying things such as for wrapping around one's body, act as a make-shift garment for changing clothes etc.

Bath towels are also called bath sheets if very long and the small ones are known as bath mats.

Types of Bath Towels based on Fabric

Too many fabrics are there from which bathroom towels can be made but the bath towel manufacturers make use of only that fabric that has high water absorbing tendency. Cotton is the most successful of all the fabrics on this property. Also many organic and natural kinds of fabrics are coming to make the organic bath towels that are eco friendly and hypo-allergic. Also these bath towels will not be harmful for kids and keep away dust and mites.
  • Organic cotton bath towels
  • Bamboo bath towels
  • Linen bath towels
  • Egyptian cotton bath towels
  • Hemp Bath towels

Bath TowelsOrganic cotton bath towels are made from the organic cotton. Organic cotton is the type of cotton that is grown in a natural way that means no chemicals and fertilizers are used to grow cotton. Also while converting it from raw material to fabric less chemicals are used which are the chief cause of allergies and asthma. Bath towel manufacturers also make 100% organic cotton towels with which you can start your day in a healthy way. Organic bath towels are very comfortable to your skin and does not give any rash or irritating skin. You can buy organic bat towel set and can use it as a wonderful gift. Egyptian cotton is another form of towel that is made from the Egyptian cotton. Very natural, brought and luxurious bathroom towels come in this category. The Egyptian cotton bath towels are bit expensive.

Another fabric that is considered organic is bamboo so bamboo bath towels are getting very popular in the market. Bamboo bath towels are luxuriously soft and very gently to the skin. You will also find cotton bamboo bath towels that gives royal feeling. They also have extra durability. Wholesale bathroom towel manufacturers make many colors and styles on these bamboo bath towel sets for sensual and luxury bathing. These also have natural tendency for absorbing extra water. The price vary from $20 to more than $60. Bamboo fabric is also used to make other kinds of towels like beach towels, hand towels, shower curtains, washcloths etc.

Bamboo Bath Towel Brands

  • Tommy Bahama
  • Lenox
  • American Essentials
  • Horchow

If you are checking for the luxury range of bath towels then go for the linen bath towels that are beautifully embroidered and given very nice patterns or have intrinsic jacquard prints. These linen bath towels are also eco friendly and safe to use if you are allergic to dust and mites. To make these towels, cotton is also mixed with the linen.

The next category of bathroom towel consists of hemp bath towels that are just like linen. Hemp bath towels are famous in Europe as that is the chief producer of this fabric. Hemp fabric is more durable than cotton and it has natural resistance towards mildew. Apart from this its water absorbing capacity is also more than cotton. But it is more expensive than cotton bath towels because hemp is grown only in certain parts of the world unlike cotton and also while processing hemp fibers to yarn very special equipments are used that increase the overall cost of the hemp bath towels. All these fabrics are also used to make bed spreads , bed covers , kitchen furnishings and other items of home decoration in the category of textile furnishings.

Hemp Towel Brands


Various Bath Towels by Style to Decorate your Bathroom

Apart from fabric you will also find different styles and designs in bath towels as wholesale bath towels manufacturers no longer churn out just the plain and single color bathroom towels. So bath towels can be of following styles:
  • Decorative bath towels
  • Designer bath towels
  • Embroidered bath
  • Luxury bath towels
  • Monogrammed bath towels
  • Personalized bath towels

Embroidered Bath Towels Decorative bath towels have the embroidered bath towels. Generally it is the edges and end part of the towel that is decorated and embroidered with fine threads having fast color. Also piping and ribbons are used all over the edges to decorate the bathroom towels. You can even purchase decorative bath towels for different occasions and seasons. It gives total and complete look to the bathroom. You can buy the decorative and designer bath towels to match the color scheme of your bathroom. These are elegantly designed and thus the item to display in your bathroom. You can then buy the matching face and hand towels with the similar color bath rugs and mats.

Dotted Organic Bath TowelsGenerally embroidered bath towels that are made from hemp or Egyptian cotton are considered as luxury bath towels that are found in the lavish bathrooms.

You will find metallic threads and embellishments on these decorative bath towels and embroidered bath towels. If the towel has embellishments and appliqué work with metal then this can only be used for decorative purposes. You cannot use these for drying your body.

Bath Towels for KidsMonogrammed bath towels are decorated with the monogram with which the main user of the towel can be identified. Generally the departmental stores that sell the bath towels do the embroidery to make monogrammed bath towels. You can also find woven or knitted monogrammed bath towels for you and your family. Monogrammed towels are in the category of personalized bath towels on which some personal image, word or any other thing is embroidered or woven into the fabric of the towel. So if you have a big family then you can go for the monogrammed bath towels that can have first letter of the family member using it.

Then the category of bath towels for kids is also getting popular. Made in very bright colors and with so many characters of cartoon are the typical features of bath towels for kids. Kids enjoy bathing and wrapping themselves in their unique towel. This just makes their life more interesting and they enjoy what they do.

Wholesale Bath Towel Suppliers and Manufactures

Because of the high demand of different kinds of towels there are many wholesale suppliers and manufactures of bath towels across the world. Some manufactures make just the luxury bath towels and other make towels for all types of consumers. In India the chief bath towel suppliers are
  • Ragbag merchandising
  • Bharat overseas
  • Indian textiles h/l
  • Jack apparel sourcing
  • Asian multifab company
  • Dreeams international

Apart from India, China is also the wholesale manufacturer and supplier of bathroom towels for wide range of consumers. The Zhejiang Wintex Trading Co. Ltd is a well known name in the wholesale bath towel manufacturing and supplying.

So you can find various types of bath towels to accessories your bathroom and complete your bathing need.