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Trendy and beautiful kitchen furnishings can markedly change the appearance of kitchen, which is “the Heart of Home”. Therefore kitchen furnishings not only make our work smooth and easy but also increase the aesthetic appeal of our home. Manufactured in a variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and designs, these furnishings are made up of textile that have the qualities of absorbing moisture, durability, and dirt rejection. These luxurious furnishings are not only used in homes but also in restaurants, hotels etc.

If we look into the Indian kitchen furnishings market then the phenomenal growth of retail sector has led to the growth and diversification of furnishing products. With this, even the lifestyle of middle class has improved a lot. People are now picking home furnishings and more trendy bed and bedding furnishings, kitchen furnishings and bathroom furnishing products to match the need and to give contemporary look to their homes. The whole home textile industry in India because of this stands at Rs 150 billion and expected to touch new heights.

Kitchen LinenAs per the statistics of 2006, on the global front, this textile sector is also showing over-whelming growth and estimated at US $105. This is expected to grow 15% every year. The largest player of kitchen furnishings under the home furnishings is the USA. China is the largest producer of home textile related items be it for kitchen, bath, living room or bedroom. It is followed by India. Whereas Australia, New Zealand and Japan are the largest consumers.

Products of Kitchen Furnishings and Kitchen Textiles
Kitchen textiles are important part of kitchen furnishings and used for number of purposes such as; cleaning, setting table, washing dishes, drying them, carrying hot dishes etc. These products are available in various forms, designs, materials and colors. These days an international flair can also be seen in kitchen textiles. The savvy use and adroit selection of these products can really mark the difference that compliments with your style and comfort. Further warm atmosphere of the kitchen can be created by using the kitchen furnishings according to the veneer of the table and cabinets. Right selection of kitchen furnishings can thus metamorphose the simple looking kitchen to exquisite place to work. Following is the list of kitchen furnishings products:
  • Pot Glove
  • Pot Kitten
  • Kitchen dish cloth, dish towels
Material Used in the Manufacturing of Kitchen Furnishings
Linen and cotton are the most preferred fabrics for making kitchen furnishings. But cotton made material is overshadowing every other material owing to its organic quality. Cotton is also eco friendly and easy to maintain. Beside this, bamboo fibers, soybean fibers are also used in the manufacturing of kitchen furnishing products.

The latest trend is to make kitchen linen with the help of flame resistant fabrics so as to provide ultimate safety. Synthetic material along with natural fibers are also used in the manufacturing of kitchen textiles. Kitchen furnishings wholesaler and suppliers keep the stock for the consumers.

Green Kitchen Furnishings: Demand of the Day
A conventional kitchen in everyone's home, probably earlier was not made and furnished on green concept. Eco friendly kitchen furnishings material and products now penetrate from kitchen towel to place mats and apron. With more exotic patterns, the organic and green kitchen furnishing are longed by every homemaker.

Companies that are into the manufacturing of green kitchen textiles usually do not produce kitchen mats, apron and other products in bright color as they do not use synthetic dyes and color. This means that anything that is organic is close to nature in terms of color, fabric and pattern. For example Native Organic Cotton is an online seller of green and eco friendly napkins, pot holder and tea cozy. These handwoven products are made from organic cotton. Their products are mostly available in light natural colors. Wherein Rawganique.com is another manufacturer of green kitchen furnishings that uses bio-degradable fiber-reactive colors and dyes to create some brightness in the kitchen furnishing textiles.

Besides cotton paisley, suppliers are also use materials made up of natural fibers like soybean. Most of the eco friendly and natural kitchen furnishings material include nonflammable, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic products fabric.

Top performing Companies in Kitchen Furnishings Industry
  • Dean Textiles Buying Service
  • Airwill Exports
  • Alpha Clothing Company
  • American Hometex, Inc, USA
  • Bodrum Group, USA
  • Javy Textile Co. Ltd, China

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