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Napkins are a must have kitchen linen for any ideal home. Traditionally, a napkin is a square or rectangular piece of cloth used at the table for wiping the mouth while eating. As such, kitchen napkins are also referred to as table napkins. Napkins are often called 'serviette' in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. The term 'Napkin' originates from the French word- 'Nappe'- meaning a cloth covering for a table.

Cloth Kitchen Napkins- Types and Sizes

Cloth napkins are available in many sizes according to their expected function. The most common or the standard size of a square cloth napkin is about 5 inches at each side. Beverage napkins, for example, are square cloth napkins more or less equivalent to standard size of square napkins. A beverage napkin is used while serving drinks. Luncheon napkins are larger by a few inches than beverage napkins. Dinner napkins are the largest among all the three varieties of napkins. Cocktail napkins typically measure 10 inches and are mostly square. Some kitchen and table napkins also come in rectangular shape. The thickness of cloth napkins vary according to the type of fabric they are made from.

Most of the cloth napkins come in sets and in innumerable colors and napkin designs. Printed napkins, embroidered napkins, edged napkins, monogrammed napkins, etc. are the most popular types of table napkins. Customized napkins or the napkins with custom designs and monograms- like the hotel napkins with their logo- are also very popular, especially for weddings and other such occasions. Napkin sets with matching tablecloths are also made by wholesale napkins manufacturers.

Fabrics Used for Kitchen Napkins

Cloth napkin, also called linen napkins, are made from a variety of fabrics, like cotton, polyester, twill, damask or blends of several fabrics. However, the kitchen napkins made from cotton and linen are the most popular table napkins due to their qualities like durability, absorbing power, softness and easy maintenance. The cloth napkins made from fabrics are preferred to be used at home and for family occasions due to their elegant looks and for the fact that they may be washed and reused many a times.

Table Kitchen Napkins Accessories

Although table napkins are used for a very practical purpose- for wiping mouth during meals- they also serve as a table decorative items. Folded napkins in a variety of patterns are used to decorate a dinner table. However, for normal day to day use, napkins are kept organized with the help of certain napkin accessories such as napkin rings and napkin holders.

To know how napkins are used to decorate tables, read Napkin Ideas for Setting a Table in Utmost Style

Napkin Ring

Napkin ring, also called serviette ring, was originally used to identify the household napkins between weekly wash days. The standard napkin ring can be described as a simple ring made from skewers. However, nowadays, napkin rings have become a very popular article for decorating tables. Napkin rings are made of various materials including silver or silver plate, bone, wood, pearl embroidery, porcelain, glass, and other many materials.

Napkin Holder

As is clear from the name, a napkin holder is used to hold napkins. Napkin holders come in various designs and patterns. Some of them hold the table napkins by sandwiching them between two surfaces and some others enclose the napkins on their sides in a horizontal design. Wooden napkin holders, wrought iron napkin holders as well as ceramic napkin holders, all are popular for making kitchen and table napkins more attractive.

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