Pot Holders

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Durable pot holders hold up beautifully to the rigors of a busy kitchen. Pot holders lift hot pots off the stove, from the oven without fear of burning fingers or dropping cookware. Generally crafted out of heavy fabric, pot holders are filled with additional padding and quilted, so that the heat from casserole, dishes or pan handles never reaches hands. The fabric uses are machine washable and dryer, safe for easy care and cleaning. These are usually crafted with elegant and rich designs and the possibilities for further invention are endless.
Home FurnishingThese pot holders are also used as a hot pad and serve as a smaller trivet to keep counter tops from melting, blistering or scratching. Fabricated in infinite range of pattern and styles, pot holders may have square or round shapes with a rich palette of color combinations. The beautiful collection of pot holders is available in various types such as hand-woven, hand painted, embroidered and machine printed.