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Mittens are a sort of gloves that covers the hand, encasing the thumb separately and the four fingers together. Mittens are crafted out of fabrics that helps them to act as insulators so that they can be used to grasp and move kitchen items, which are too hot to touch with the bare hands. These also help make a decorative statement for kitchens and are functional for a variety of purposes. Mittens are perfect gift for sporting events, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, newlyweds, engagements and more.

MittensThey are known for their lightweight, warmth and breathability. Mittens are usually made of pure flax & cotton fabric that depicts the excellence of the craftsmen and at the same time ensures day-to-day, unhurdled usage. Decorative mittens are also made up of fur and leather, wool, alpaca, and mohair or blends of these fibers all coming in a variety of colors. Mittens can be hand-woven, hand painted, embroidered and also in machine printed patterns.