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Nylon Fabric

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Nylon is a synthetic thermoplastic material characterized by strength, elasticity, resistance to abrasion and chemicals, low moisture absorbency, and capacity to be permanently set by heat. Nylon was introduced as monofilaments for bristles and as multifilament yarn for hosiery. There is a variety of nylons, all being polyamides frequently made from diamines and dicarboxylic acids.

Characteristics of Nylon Fabric Nylon Fabric
Nylon is stronger yet weighs less than any other commonly used fiber. It is elastic and resilient and responsive to heat setting. Nylon fibers are smooth, non-absorbent and dry quickly. Dirt doesn't cling to this smooth fiber nor is it weakened by chemicals and perspiration. Extensive washing and drying in an automatic dryer can eventually cause piling. Nylon can be pre-colored or dyed in a wide range of colors.

Nylon is now manufactured also in the form of sheets, coatings, and molded plastics and used in a variety of products, including fabrics, surgical sutures, thread, insulating wire coverings, mosquito netting and screening, gears and bearings, rope, and tire cords.