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Organdy Fabric

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Organdy is a sheer, lightweight, cotton fabric made with an open, plain weave and very fine, tightly twisted single yarns. Cotton organdy has crisp to stiff drape that may be gathered, pleated or shirred into a bouffant fullness. This type of fabric is stiffened fabric. It is thin, has low yarn count and transparent. Similar to voile fabric, organdy is a durable finish cloth, which withstands multiple washing, retaining its crispness. It may be used alone or paired with another fabric to add fullness and loft. The fabric wrinkles and crushes easily, but it is quickly smoothed with a hot iron. It is often confused with organza fabric, which is a sheer crisp, plain weave fabric of man-made or silk fibers

Characteristics of Cotton Organdy Fabric

Organdy Fabric Finishes

Organdy Fabric The organdy fabric is available in three types of finishes: The semi finish and the soft finish of organdy fabric are also available and they are popular for summer wear and drapery apparel.

Uses of Organdy Fabric