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Organza Fabric

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Organza is a sheer, thin open weave fabric that is heavier and crisper than silk gauze. It has a smooth, flat finish, is strong and durable, and gets its stiffness from tightly twisted yarns. It is often used as the base fabrics for embellished fabrics. It can be dyed any color but it has some minor distortion from dyeing because of sheerness and irregularity of twisted yarns. It is washable and retains crispness only if washed in cold water and needs to be pressed while still wet

Organza Fabric General Uses
Silk organza is very light-weight and sheer, but a bit stiff, and can be gathered for bouffant uses, used alone or over other fabrics for fitted to loosely fitted blouses, dresses and evening wear. It is also useful for facings, interfacings or lining. Silk organza can be used as an underlining to add crispness to parts of a garment. It sews easily, doesn't show pin holes. It is usually reserved for underlining another silk, flower girl dresses, christening dresses, some bedding accessories and interfacings for sheers or semi-sheers or where an extremely light stiffening is required.

Fabric Care
Organza is washable, but wash it before cutting out. Click on the fabric care buttons to the left for more information on washing silks.