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Table Runner: What a Unique Way of Styling A Table

You need an instant look that is catchy and make the whole show go ultimate. For this you can do one thing. Place a table runner of bright color on your table cloth having natural or white color. You will be fascinated & engrossed in the beautiful table runner patterns that are made in crochet, with embroidery, baltik and with many other textile printing techniques. Apart from your home parties, you can also get wedding table runners, Halloween table runners, Christmas table runners, Harvest table runners and runners for other festivals & occasions. So there is no deficiency in table runner ideas.

Table runner is the piece of fabric that is made according to the table shape. So it can be rectangular table runner, round table runner, square & oblong table runner. But there is no hard & fast rule of using table runner according to the shape of your table. On square table you can use the round or vice-versa. So if you wanna change the look of your dining room then the you can place a dining table runner just on the center of your dining table. On that you can place flowers or any other piece of art. You can use rectangular, long, or round table runner as per your wish & liking.

Table Runner Patterns
  • Patchwork table runner
  • Crochet table runner
  • Embroidered table runner
  • Jacquard table runner
  • Printed table runner
  • Knitted table runner

Embroidered Table RunnerIn a patchwork table runner pattern you will have one long fabric having patches of designs & patterns that are made from other fabric either having a different print or color. Crochet is a technique of making a runner with the help of thread & crochet tool. Crochet can be done on the edges of any kind of table runner that gives very different look. It is very easy & yet gives such a uniques patterns that are unmatchable. Whereas embroidered table runners are very popular. It can be both hand made and machine made. Hand made table runners are more expensive than their counterpart. Knitted table runners are made from wool and printed ones will have prints on them. Floral Table Runner

Now based on what you are looking for and how you want to decorate your table, you can buy a table runner patterns and designs. Apart from these you can also find laces, beautiful ribbons & other embellishments on the table runner to further beautify it.

Table Runners Fabric & Material
There are numerous fabrics from which table runner can be made
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl

Quilted Table RunnerCotton table runners are very popular category as cotton is extensively used in every kind of textile furnishings material. Be it a bedspreads, or bath rugs or carpets or upholstery you cannot miss the cotton. Also these days the organic consciousness has given a way to cotton and other eco friendly fabrics such as bamboo, linen & silk. So you will find bamboo table runners in uniques patterns & all colors. Whereas silk table runner has the unique shine & so used as a luxury item. Satin table runner is an alternate to silk as it has the same sheen & soft look but not that expensive. Apart from this you will also get vinyl & plastic table runner, which look good but are not safe to the environment & your family as many harsh chemicals are used to make these.

Paper table runners are also getting hot as these can be used once & there is no need of cleaning & maintaining them. Also you will find beautiful quilted table runners that can run across of just sits on your table to change the whole room's decor. So table runners are indeed very important part of drawing & dining furnishings.

Top Brands in Table Runners
  • Lion Brand
  • Patch Magic
  • Horchow
  • Victorian Heart
  • Lenox
  • Waterford
  • Shaw Rugs
  • Walkway
  • Williams-Sonoma