Table Cloth

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Tablecloths have always played a valuable part in people's daily lives and family traditions. These are the piece of clothes that are created to drape onto the table. Table cloths help to set the mood for the finished table setting and ascertain how formal it will be. Although the fundamental function of table cloth is to decorate the table but it also protects the table from scratches and heat. But generally for protection purposes table protectors beneath the table cloth are used that are made from thick fabric.
Tablecloth Designs & Patterns
Table cloths have resulted in more artistic endeavors; such as the incredibly detailed embroidery and lace work. Printed table cloths include beautiful tropical designs, quaint cartoon figures, bold geometric, abstract designs and luscious fruits and flowers pattern. There is now a great demand for these kitchen textile furnishings and the fashion includes tapestries, fringes and heavily decorated plush and velvet table toppers.

Just as fashions changed and evolved through the decades, so did the styles of the table cloth. From fine damasks and laces, the fascination has now turned to the common print tablecloth. The most popular tablecloth designs & patterns are:
  • Embroidered table cloth
  • Crochet tablecloth
  • Printed tablecloth
  • Painted tablecloth

Tablecloth FabricRound Table Cloth
Broad range of fabrics is used to make table cloths. The type of fabric used defines the entire home decor. Therefore it is extremely important to use right tablecloth fabric. The most durable type of table cloth fabric is polyester that also looks very elegant when neatly spread over the table. Then there is a spun polyester fabric that looks like cotton and thus a good substitute for cotton fabric. These fabrics are very common and used for daily routine. But if you are looking something elegant and fancy linen then go for toile, sheer or metallic table cloth fabric. Along with this spun, denim, spadex & silk are also the popular table cloth fabric. Luxury table clothes are made from silk, linen with beautiful laces and ribbons. Along with this most of the tablecloths are made up of cotton that is a natural fabric. So based on the fabric used the table cloth can be of following kinds:
  • Cotton table cloth
  • Vinyl tablecloth
  • Linen table cloth
  • Plastic table cloth
  • Polyester table cloth
  • Silk table cloth

Tablecloth Accessories
To further accessorize the table many items can be used with tablecloth. This include tablecloth skirting, clips and scarfs. Tablecloth skirting is an extra frill that is mounted around the table and generally used in hotels. The clips keep the table cloth in place and tablecloth scarf is used for formal dining.

Table Cloth Shapes
Shape factor is entirely dependent upon the type of table you are having. So the basic table cloth shapes are:

Round table cloths along with others are also given extra skirting that further glamorizes it. The skirting is generally made up of satin as this fabric has proper flow.

Tablecloth sizes
Cotton Table ClothWhen you are using a table cloth on the dining table then it must overhang the table to increase the decoration. Thus with this the table cloth sizes vary with the size of dining table. Generally 15 inches or more is overhang on the table. But usual preference is towards 9 inches hang on the normal dining table. Anything lower than this value will change the look of the dining table & it will look very peculiar. So if you have square table of 28"x28" to 40"x40" then buy a table cloth that measures 52"x52". Any oblong table that measures from 28"x46" to 40"x58" must have table cloth of 52"x70" in size. A round table with diameter from 66" to 78" must be decorated with round table cloth of size 90". So tablecloth sizes matter a lot while selecting any kind of table cloth.

Manufactures, Exporters and Suppliers of Table Cloth
The Manhattan Collection presents wide range of luxury tablecloth, table cloth skirts, napkins and other dining furnishings items. Kavya Textile are the wholesale tablecloth manufacturers and exporters. They also manufacture kitchen towels, table linens in beautiful patterns. Cotton tablecloth is the specialty of MRM Export who are are the table cloth exporters from India. Apart from this there are many other exporters, manufacturers and suppliers of table cloth such as Alcor Fabrics, Amrit Exports, Carolin Export Services Co., Fashion Palace, Sri Aarian Fabrics et at. Riegel is a big brand name for tablecloths in the International market that is the division of Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. They produce varied kinds and styles of table clothes and used cotton, polyester and other fabrics to make these.

Popular Table Cloth Brands Across the World
  • Tangia
  • Manhattan Collection
  • Atlantis Plastics
  • Heritage Lace
  • Sabre
  • Waterford
  • Riegel
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • Lenox
  • Now Designs

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