Window Curtains

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Giving an air of comfort to the room, window curtains work hard at blocking light, sound, heat and cold. They're also extraordinarily decorative and add enormous personality to a room. Windows are treated to various types of curtains such as a sash curtain used to filter light, a draw curtain used to block out light and an over-drapery, which is purely used for decorative purpose. In very formal rooms, all of these are topped with a cornice or valance to hide the hardware.

Window CurtainsWindow curtains are produced in a variety of materials, all employing natural as well as artificial fibers such as linen, silk, cotton, wool, polyester, rayon etc. Part of the rich appearance of curtains depend upon proper lining and interlining. Interlining is most common on heavier weaves, such as damask, velvet and expensive fibers, such as wool and silk. The rich look is achieved by using silk brocade, damask, satin, taffeta, plush and velvet. All these fabrics are further embellished with the help of prints, dyes, applique work and embroideries.