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Pelmets are available in varied designs and styles to improve your drawing room furnishings or any window on which these are used. All the contemporary to traditional pelmet styles are there that can further be accessorized with the matching tie backs on the curtains. So dressing up a window can not only be a fun but, if done correctly, also add greatly to the look of the room. Pelmet is a decorative, narrow strip of cloth, used to conceal the curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing or door. Today, pelmet is been treated as a part and parcel of curtains and window-dressing as a whole. In order to select the perfect pelmet for the room, the factors that have to be considered are the space of the room and the fabric & the style to be stitched.

The easiest way out to make pelmet, is to take fabric matching the curtains of the room. Some of the pelmet covers to be simple in shape while others may have scalloped edges, and still others are dressed up with an edging of lace. Further braid or tassels can be added to the bottom edge to enhance the shape of the pelmet.

Pelmets are crafted in fabrics coming with classic prints, classic weaves, modern weaves, every kind of woven silk to excellent range of satin prints, wool plaids & trimmings, handwoven plains, stripes & checks in cotton, all in unusual & striking color combinations. Providing elegance to the room, pelmet, however, can be padded and neatened at the back with lining material.

Luxury Pelmets

Curtain Pelmet Luxury pelmets are pleated and made from fabric like silk, satin or velvet for the luxury look. You will also find embroidered luxury pelmet with fringes and braids. It can be of similar color to the curtain or has a contrasting shades. The luxury pelmet styles can also vary with the room size and other decoration. Like it can be hemmed and unlined, fringed, straight, bullion fringe, embroidered and so on. The size of the luxury pelmet vary as per the requirement of the customer. But generally comes in two standard sizes of 347cm (136" - 3 Width) and 587cm (231" - 5 Width). Luxury pelmets are made from the embroidered fabric to add elegance. Pelmet curtains are thus unique in themselves and mounted above the windows. The length is kept larger than the window. The lower part of the pelmet curtain is decorated with laces, fringes and other types of beaded hangings. Curtain pelmets break the monotony of the room and compliment to the rest of room decor.
Curtain pelmets made from wood are also available. Wood curtain pelmet wholesale supplier include Johnson Interiors Pvt Ltd (India), Xclusiv etc. You can also check the wholesale pelmets suppliers like, Faryal Textiles, Blue House Design, Curtains-Linens, MalisonIndia, City Curtains, H.O.M.E. Of Curtains and Furnishings et al. The wholesale pelmet suppliers have all the designs and styles of pelmet curtain ranging from luxury pelmets to normal pelmets.

Curtain pelmets wholesale manufacturers and suppliers also make other furnishings products like bed covers, designer curtain tapes, curtain rods, blinds, tie backs, bed quilts covers, table cloths, cushion covers etc. So your purpose of furnishing a home can be solved from a single platform.

Many manufacturers are famous for giving designer pelmet styles and designs so that you can use these in your drawing room. These can also be shaped as per your choice and covered with the fabric that you select. Topline Furniture Ltd makes the designer pelmets and pelmet curtains for you. City Curtains are the luxury pelmets suppliers from Malaysia. If you do not like pelmet curtain then you can also use pelmet roller blinds that is again an economical way of treating the windows. It is either a spring loaded of chain controlled. You can buy the roller blinds from the Window Techs from India that make decorative roller blinds with curtains, valances, pelmets and other drawing room furnishing items.

Padded Pelmets

Padded PelmetsPadded pelmet styles are made to decorate the window and can be made from the similar or contrasting fabric. To make padded pelmet the pelmet board is cut and placed. On that the fabric is then attached. You can also use fringes, braids and tassels to further enhance the appeal. Padded pelmets are mostly used to decorate windows and considered as window treatments that are cost effective and easy to do.

Pelmet Styles