Quilt Covers

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The correct choice of bedding is vital for a great night's sleep. For winters season bedding is not complete without quilts & quilt covers. There is a great range of quilt covers & quilt cover sets available in the market that impart protection to fine quilts.
These also make the perfect bedroom accessory and their fabulous designs are sure to suit the individual taste. These offer protection and general bed hygiene as a quilt cover protect the quilt against house dust mite, allergy and bacteria. Moreover quilt covers are easy to wash. The wholesale quilt covers market has undergone a tremendous changes since its inception to meet the demand for different & new styles, patterns and designs.

Now a days quilt covers are specifically designed to make a bedroom look really stylish by creating a fresh new look for the home. These create a bedding culture by innovatively demonstrating the contemporary housing concepts and are available in the series designs, material, sizes and colors.
Quilt Covers
Quilt Cover Designs
If you are style conscious & want to revamp your bedroom then check for different available quilt cover designs. The one that matches with the rest of your bedroom decor, will enhance the overall impact of furnishing. Here the selection of dyed and printed fabrics; stitched and embroidered, plain or quilted quilt cover is done. In different designs the most popular ones are:

Quilt cover bedding is partial without designer covers that are making their way in this industry. No one prefer to buy plain or covers having single color as they impart very dull appearance. Designer quilt covers comes in varied styles of patchwork, prints, embroidery and that too in wide array of material. Not only this there are numerous pattern & prints of these covers. Like for kids quilt covers you can find Barbie prints, cars, prints of flowers and all the famous cartoon characters on the children quilt covers.

  • Embroidered quilt covers
  • Quilted quilt covers
  • Designer quilt covers
Quilt Covers by Material
Quilt CoversQuilt covers are available in all the regular fabrics such as cotton, linen, satin and also include velvet to offer a touch of class & superior comfort. Some basic quilt covers by fabric are
  • Cotton quilt covers
  • Silk quilt covers
  • Flannel quilt covers
  • Satin quilt cover
  • Polycotton quilt covers

Majestic or royal appearance of bedroom needs silk quilt covers, which look exceptionally good with matching furnishing. The spark of the silk fabric brighten the whole ambiance. Moreover very attractive color combination with pipping & exquisitely done edges, further make it an unmatchable product. On the other hand, cotton quilt covers are used for day to day use. But here also quilt cover manufacturers don't stop experimenting. Cotton quilt covers also come in brilliant & vibrant colors. Patchwork, prints & use of blue, pink, purple, orange color is more common.

Cotton quilt covers are preferred over any other material as they are easy to wash and everyone can afford these. Furthermore cotton is such a fabric that is eco-friendly and harmless to human too. Its anti-allergic property makes it the most favorite fabric. The flannel quilt covers although very warm but too heavy to use. Whereas satin looks good but does not provide much warmth.

Apart from regular covers, quilted quilt covers are also getting popular. Here fine & very thin sheet of polywool or cotton is used, which is then stitched with the cover. Quilted covers provide extra warmth in the chilly winters.

The softness of the fabric depends upon the thread count. It is measured as number of threads per square inch of the fabric. 250 thread count gives the softness and most commonly purchased. Anything lower than this will give roughness to the fabric. For further softness there are fabric having more than 250 thread count.

Quilt Cover Sizes
The size of the quilt cover depends upon the size of the bed. But generally the cover having higher measurements than the bed should be purchased. So quilt covers bedding can be categorized as:
  • Double quilt covers
  • Single quilt covers
  • King size quilt covers
  • Queen quilt covers

Quilt covers comes in standard sizes as well as can be ordered as per the requirement. Double size quilt cover measures 180 x 210cm in size where as the size of single quilt cover is 140 x 210cm. These bedding furnishings products can either be bought single, double in the form of quilted quilt cover sets and normal quilt cover set. Now depending upon the single and double category, one or two pillow covers are also given in the quilt cover set.

Indian Quilt Cover Industry
India is great marketplace for buyers and sellers of quilt covers along with other textile furnishings. But with the globalization, the completion from all across the world is rising. Bangladesh, Pakistan, Central American Countries are giving very strong competition to Indian quilt cover manufacturers, suppliers, whole sale sellers, importers and exporters. Indian wholesale manufacturers are checking their production on international quality, designs, color, eco-friendliness and other such parameters. Bombay Dyeing, Primes Clothing Private Limited, SPL Industries Ltd are the leading exporters of quilt covers in India. If you are looking for luxury bedding & linen or handprinted quilt covers and other home furnishings items then check the Saffron Marigold. It has the wide range of luxury bedding furnishings items.

Popular International Quilt Cover Brands
Accessorize Kas
Happy Kids Cotton House
Living Textiles Ardor
Logan & Mason IKEA
Retro Home Adairs
Tranquility Sheridan

Famous Quilt Covers Websites
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