Bed Coverlets

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Coverlets are a lightweight, decorative bed topper that are shorter than a bed spread and are designed to expose a bed skirt or bed frame. Bed coverlets are woven with intricate patterns in vibrant colors of red, blue, white, and green and are extremely popular today. Bed coverlets are very versatile and are more functional than a bed spread as they can serve as a lightweight blanket or as a surface to introduce additional patterns and colors.

Bed CoverletsBecause of size and construction, bed coverlets are made reversible with contrasting patterns and are used with or without a duvet. These are usually made of cotton, silks and other richer fabrics with decorative ornate designs and patterns. Intricate embroidery, patchwork and other ornamentation techniques are used to highlight the beauty of the products. Bed coverlets are available with rich traditional and latest contemporary designs used to add to the range of the other bed accessories.