Pillow Covers

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Pillow covers are one of the quickest ways to change the feel of a room. Pillows covers actually create a fresh new color scheme and bring in the freshness. Fashionably understated yet available with stunning effect, the contemporary range of pillow covers provide a clean modern look with no fancy frills. Decorative pillow covers are widely used to decorate the living room, porch or the entrance of the home.

Color, texture, pattern and fabric weight are the factors kept in mind, while making pillow cover. The cloth generally selected to make pillows covers must be a nice thick material that does not fray, snag or rip easy. The color or theme of the pillow cover is selected as per the decor of the house and cotton, polyester, chenille, acrylic wool and chenille are the primary material used to make pillow covers.

Pillow Cover Fabric

While picking the fabric for pillow covers you will have to look at it from two angles. One from the decorative side and other from the comfort side. If you need pillow cover for resting couch or lounge chair then go with cotton but on the other hand if you want to place it in the living room or close to the entrance of your home then satin, silk pillow cover or velvet pillow covers will work better than anything. Wholesale pillow covers suppliers and manufacturers keep all these categories along with other.

Silk Pillow Covers

Silk Pillow Cover
Silk Pillow Cover
Silk pillow cover are the mostly used in the living ares and people prefer the zippered pillow cover under this category as it is easy to remove it. In this category Indian silk pillow cover, Thai silk pillow covers and Dupioni silk pillow covers are the most popular. Silk pillow covers are embroidered, given a beaded work or embellished with lace for more glamorous look. Also you will get the printed silk pillow covers for your sofa, couch and bed. Always buy the pillow cover color in concordance with your existing color scheme. These have very vibrant and flashy colors and so create a superb look and give a decorative effect. No matter which design you will prefer but all will be the exemplary work of the artisan and in rich range of colors.

Cotton Pillow Covers

Cotton Pillow Cover
Cotton Pillow Cover
Cotton pillow cover is for daily use and the best selling pillow covers among the other category. Cotton pillow cover is easy to maintain as you can wash these in washing machine or by hand in not so hard detergent. Also like silk the fine cotton pillow covers are adorned with beads, laces and thread embroidery. In summers most of the people prefer the printed cotton pillow covers in cool hues to give the ambiance a really delicate and sooting look.

Wool Pillow Covers

Wool Pillow Cover
Wool Pillow Cover
You can use the wool pillow covers in winters. The lamb wool pillow covers are exceptionally warm and look very decorative. Wool pillows covers are also called pillow sham. Wool pillow covers are soft and has natural thermostat quality in which it handles the moisture and temperature. Wool pillow covers absorb moisture but feel completely dry. Because of this the wool bed pillow covers are in vogue as you can have a sound sleep on these extra soft and natural fabric pillow covers.

Egyptian Cotton Pillow Cover

Egyptian Cotton Pillow Cover
Egyptian Cotton
Pillow Cover
To have Egyptian cotton pillow covers is the real luxury at home. Egyptian cotton is the completely natural cotton and so does the Egyptian cotton pillow covers. These pillow covers are anti allergic and safe to the environment. Egyptian cotton is also used to make other kinds of bedding like bed sheet, quilt, pillow cases, bed covers and more. If you are buying higher thread count Egyptian pillow covers then you will buy something that will last very long and will be very soft to touch as high thread count Egyptian cotton pillow covers are very strong. Also after every wash you will find the more softness in the Egyptian cotton pillow covers which is not there in any other category of pillow covers. Also there will be no pill formation but always buy the 100% pure Egyptian cotton pillow covers to reap these benefits.

Satin Pillow Cover

Want to create the dazzling effect in your living room or bedroom then buy the satin pillow covers. The style and look of satin pillow covers in incomparable. Also according to studies it has been proved that by using satin pillow covers your hair and skin will feel younger and you can also delay the appearance of wrinkles. This is because you will not get creases on the skin while lying on satin pillow cover which appears on any other pillow.

Velvet Pillow Cover

Applique Velvet Pillow Cover
Applique Velvet Pillow Cover
Velvet pillow covers have the unparalleled texture and mark that no other fabric can have. Bead work is very common on velvet pillow covers but you will also get one with embroidery. Most of the velvet pillow covers are handcrafted in attractive color, designs and styles. The velvet pillow covers match every occasion. Most of the living room pillow covers are given tassels for finer look. Velvet applique is also very fashionable in this collection of pillow covers.

Pillow Cover Designs

The four corners of the pillow covers are the perfect place to add some pizazz and decorative stitching. The terrific ideas to embellish the look of the pillow covers are embroidery, applique, and hemstitched lace. After the pillow cover is decorated and assembled it is buttoned in place on the pillow, a great way to soften the look or color of any pillow. Wholesale pillow covers suppliers sell these at cheaper rates than the retail houses.
All these pillow cover designs are can be on simple pillow cover or on quilted pillow cover. Quilted pillow cover has the insulating material apart from normal fabric for more soft appeal.

Pillows Cover Options

Pillow Covers
Pillow Covers

Zippered pillow covers are usually for the living room pillows as these give sophisticated look. You can go with the tie know pillow covers for your kitchen. Also here you can use the quilted pillow covers that gives extra comfort. When you are going to use it on the chair then better to buy the quilted pillow covers instead of decorative ones. Button pillow covers can be used on bed.

Pillow Cover By Shape

Most common shapes of pillow cover is square and rectangular. But it depends upon the type of pillow for which you are going to use it. The bed pillow covers have the most varied shapes among living room, drawing room and kitchen pillow covers.

Body Pillow Cover

Body pillow covers are as long as your body and cover the body pillow that is mostly used by the pregnant women for extra comfort.

Bolster Pillow Cover

Bolster pillow cover are for long and elongated bolster pillows. The bolster pillow covers run the entire length of your bed as most of the bolster pillow have this much length. The bolster pillows give uniform support thus sound sleep irrespective of your body posture. Bolster pillow covers are mostly made from cotton as this is the most comfortable fabric.

Travel Pillow Cover

Travel pillow covers are U-shaped and cover the travel pillow that provide support to neck during traveling.

Contour Pillow Cover

Contour pillow cover is for the contour pillow that provide support to your body. These are mostly used by people who have the neck or back problems. There are basically two types of contour pillow covers one for the head or neck contour pillow and the other for leg contour pillow.