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Cushion covers add a splash to the majestic elegance of any room. The beautifully embellished decorative cushion covers thus are the most popular home furnishing assortment. These not only help in orienting the home and guest, but also protect the cushions and add to the splendidness of the chairs and sofas. Enhancing the living environment, these sofa cushion covers are bound to bring about a touch of style and coziness.

Cushion Cover Designs

Sofa cushion covers come in wide variety of designs depending on the shape and size of the cushions. From rectangular, square to circle and other shapes like flowers, cushion covers are available in varied shapes. These are further embellished with the help of mirror work, prints, sequin, embroidery and patch work. Generally these are dyed in bright color. So you can always pick the one having colors that matches the ambiance or the colors of the furnishing.

The designs on the cushion covers range from traditional to conventional. They are also available in hand painted traditional designs. Sofa cushion covers used on the sofas or divans or other furniture are generally embroidered with exotic embroidery works to give them a very ethnic and traditional feel.

Based on the style, sofa cushion covers designs can be of following types:

  • Embroidered cushion covers
  • Knitted cushion covers
  • Decorative cushion covers
  • Flocked cushion covers
  • Jacquard cushion covers
  • Twill cushion covers
  • Hand made Cushion Covers
  • Dyed cushion covers
  • Printed cushion covers
  • Beaded cushion covers
  • Baltik cushion covers
  • Designer cushion covers
  • Fancy cushion covers

Cushion covers Embroidered cushion covers heighten the overall impact of other textile furnishings items. Generally you will find embroidered sofa cushion covers in bright shades. Dyed sofa cushion covers with embroidery are preferred for drawing and dining furnishings. Along with this consumer also pick the matching table mats, carpets etc to create a harmony. If you further wants to give formal look to your drawing room then you can also buy beaded cushion covers on satin or silk. But on the other hand printed cushion covers solve the purpose of normal and day to day life.

Cushion Covers Based on Usage

Now you can use the cushion at varied places in your home. Based on the usage of cushion, the covers vary. The most common ones are:
  • Sofa cushion covers
  • Furniture cushion covers
  • Pillow cushion covers
  • Outdoor cushion covers
  • Dining cushion covers
  • Bedroom cushion covers
  • Patio cushion covers
  • Couch cushion covers
  • Floor cushion covers

Cushion Covers Material

Cushion coversCushion covers are available in all the regular fabrics such as cotton, linen, satin and including velvet. Cotton cushion covers fulfill the demand of routine needs because of its easy to maintain and wash quality. Further it can be used over the bedding, drawing room, on the couch, living room as well as sitting room. Printed cotton cushion covers are very popular. On the other hand; formal living is enhanced by the use of silk cushion covers. Embroidered, appliquéd, hand beaded, ribbon work & palettes cutwork are the most popular styles of silk cushion covers.

Cotton and silk are also eco friendly fabric, which are harmless to the environment. Many people prefer these covers over the others and with this the concept of green cushion covers is getting very strong and trendy too.

Leather cushion covers add glamor to any room and generally used for sofas, leather chairs and leather couch. But these are bit uncomfortable during summer. For traditional look prefer jute cushion covers. Jute cushion covers are further embroidered or given a patch work. So some of the best-selling cushion cover by material are

  • Cotton cushion covers
  • Silk cushion covers
  • Leather cushion covers
  • Satin cushion covers
  • Polyester cushion covers
  • Suede cushion covers
  • Jute cushion covers
  • Brocade cushion covers
  • Velvet cushion covers
  • Chenille cushion covers
  • Taffeta cushion covers

Cushion Covers in India: A Remarkable Industry

India is the biggest manufacturers & supplier of embroidered, printed & decorative cushion covers across the world. Along with these beaded cushion covers are also the specialty of India. So needless to say, there are many cushion cover wholesale suppliers and manufacturers who fulfill the market demand not only for Indian consumers but also for the foreign buyers . Nalsons, Sahara India, GM Mills, Bombay Dyeing are one of the biggest cushion covers wholesale suppliers. Most of the jute, printed, block printed and colorful cushion cover wholesale suppliers are in the state of Rajasthan. There along with exquisite covers you can also find many fancy covers matching bed sheets, bed covers, pillow covers , quilts covers etc.

Popular International Cushion Cover Brands
If we look at foreign brands, manufactures and suppliers of cushion covers then Dragonshine, Shanghai Everest International, IKEA cushion covers, Pottery Barn cushion covers, John Lewis cushion covers are very popular. Apart from this. Faux Fur is known for cheap cushion covers but these are really very designer and trendy.

Cushion Covers Online

To balance such a big manufacturing and suppliers' industry, there is a complete retail sector for these marvelous cushion covers in India. Lifestyle, Home Towns, Interiors are the places where you can find normal to luxury cushion covers. Cushion covers wholesale is supplied by leading manufacturers and suppliers in these leading home furnishings shops. Along with this buying cushion covers online is also getting popular. There are many virtual retail stores, B2B & B2C portals to sell these where cushion cover buyers can check the price, dimensions, color, pattern & design of different available covers. A wholesale buyer of cushion cover can also buy the bulk products online.

Thus, it can very well said that cushion covers sector of textile furnishings is getting very popular and is an important part of your home decor.

Sofa Cushion Covers Cushion Covers
Cushion Covers

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