Bed Comforters

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Beautiful bed comforters, keep the bedroom warm and cozy and add a special touch of color and style to its decor. Bed Comforters are loftier and heavier than the regular mattress covers, that not only make the bed look stylish but also result in the bed much more comfortable. A bed comforter can keep the bed warm and alter the look of the bedroom. Bed comforters are manufactured in a variety of fabric fibers. In general, more expensive fabrics have higher thread meaning that the fabric will be softer, more luxurious to the touch, and will often last longer. These are the luxury bed comforter and luxury bed comforter sets.

Bed comforters come in many different weights, from the summer light weight for warmer climates, all season for year round comfort in both warm and cool climates, and ultra designed to be used only in the coldest climates. The climate, warmth of the bedroom and sleeping temperature one prefers, determines the weight that should be selected for bed comforters. The bed comforter set occasionally comes with a mattress skirt, cushion shams as well as sometimes cushions. Comforters are available in a variety of styles. There's a myriad of various designs, colors, prints etc.

Bedroom Comforters

Types of Fillers Used in Comforters

Bed comforters are usually made by stitching two fabrics along all four sides and are filled with synthetic or natural fillings such as cotton, feathers, wool, cashmere, silk and synthetic fibers. Down is widely considered to be the lightest and warmest filling available, offering superior warmth and comfort. This is why they are the most sought after bed linen products in the market today. Polyester is one of the more common fillers. Wool is a generic term that refers to protein fibers spun from the fleece of over two hundred different breeds of sheep, and from the hair of the angora rabbit, the cashmere goat, the camel, the alpaca, the llama, and the wild vicuña. Cotton comforters are soft and supple and allow the body to breathe. Silk breathes even better than Down and is just as soft.

Bed Comforter Sizes

Bed Comforters They are available in twin, complete, full, queen, and California king dimensions. They can also be slightly bigger than the particular bed dimensions so that they can hang slightly within the side from the bed. In such a case, the look of the bed also changes dramatically.

Selection Tips of Bed Comforters

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