Bed Skirts

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A bed skirt, also known as a dust ruffle, petticoats and dusters, is designed to hide the box spring. In addition to being functional, bed skirts also offer a way to introduce an additional color, pattern, and style to the bedroom. Bed skirts typically consist of a flat piece of fabric with a ruffle or tailored attached skirt on three sides. There are two styles of bed skirts, tailored and gathered/ruffled and the construction of these bed skirts may be either paneled or platform. These can also be extra long bed skirts, long bed skirts and one made perfectly for your bed size. Bed skirts suppliers thus check every possible design, pattern, color, size and fabric while picking these for buyers.

Paneled bed skirts come in three pieces that can be easily fastened to the box spring and adjusted to the desired drop of the box spring. Bed skirts suppliers make it with velcro and zip now a days. These wonderful new features allow to quickly put on the bed skirt without having to lift the mattress These are especially nice for laundering and maintenance. Platform bed skirts come as one piece and require lifting the mattress in order to place squarely over the box spring.

Fabrics for Bed Skirts

Bed skirts are made from different materials and have florals, stripes or solid color designs on them. Better quality fabrics or linen such as matelasse, cotton chintz, chenille, or even velvet with a tight enough weave and thick enough threads are used to make good quality bed skirts. Most commonly you will find the following bed skirts based on fabric:Bed Skirts
Denim bed skirt add grace to the bedroom of teens and especially guys. The dark blue color and thick fabric make it look more trendy and express the personal taste. You master bedroom can be adored by linen bed skirt, silk bed skirt, organza or satin bed skirts. All these fabrics have the natural flow so when given pleats these look fantastic. Linen bed skirts are with floral, damask, stripes are unmatchable in look and durability. You bedding must be in silk if you are purchasing the silk bed skirts. These are bit hard on maintenance but it is the personal taste that matters while decorating your private retreat. You can also go with organza bed skirts but this cloth is quiet stiff and bit transparent. So to beautify your room with right kind of assemblages and give your room a warm and tantalizing touch.

Ready made bed skirts are often made from the fabric that is not that good in quality so you must check for the quality of the fabric. You can go for the varied colors like white, red, brown and color matching your rest of the room decor. Always purchase the fabric that is thick so that light do not pass through it and bed skirt solve its purpose.

Long Bed SkirtsTo beautify it further crochet bed skirts are also there or you can put laces at the end of the bed skirt. With crochet bed skirts you will have a wonderful time in your beautiful bedding. To make this generally cotton fabric is used which is given crochet pattern in between. Hemstitch like this is also done for more classic look. Some of the bed skirts are even hand stitched and given exotic patterns of embroidery.

Nice Textiles (Pvt) Ltd, JADA inc, Urja Exports, Trinity Exports, Zeba India Pvt Ltd, Collectibles Exports Pvt Ltd are few of the bed skirts suppliers and manufacturers that along with bed skirts also manufacture bed covers, table mats, quilt covers, pillow covers etc. Suppliers of bed skirts from India are famous for embroidered and crochet bed skirts. AMG International Exports are the wholesale suppliers and manufactures of bed skirts from India. You can buy crochet skirts from this bed skirts supplier. Beaded bed skirts are also there that come in the category of luxury bed skirts like the fabric satin, silk and organza.

Bed Skirt Sizes

Embroidered Bed SkirtIf you are going to purchase a bed skirt for your bed then do not go after the assumption of the size of your bed. But instead of this take the proper measurement. Consider the thickness of the mattress, box springs and foundations. In size the bed skirt drop is checked, which means the length of the bed skirt from the top to the floor. All standard sized bed skirts come in 15” drop but it can be tailored made. The most common one is bed skirts 18 inch drop. Based on the size of your bed the bed skirt size can be
Bed skirts for cribs are also available. You can buy girls and boys bed skirts for cribs. Go for the cotton fabric as this fabric breaths and so safe for the kids. Also you can check the varied patterns and designs as kids love to have colorful things around them. You can also purchase bed skirt set that include quilt, shams, pillows and bed skirt set. Extra Long Bed Skirt

Types of Bed Skirt

Detachable bed skirts are available in varied drops like 14 inch drop, 18 inch drop and 21 inch drop. Detachable bed skirts are also known as adjustable ones that are easy to wash. These are mostly done with the Velcro so can be removed without lifting the bed mattress. Also in some cases zip is added for the easy removing. Most of the manufacturers also made tailored bed skirts to fir into your bed size. Also check for the long bed skirts and extra long bed skirts.

Bed Skirt Brands