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Throws Bases on fabrics

Which fabric to use and why to use is the most crucial thing that throw manufacturers keep in mind. Although every kind of fabric like cotton, silk, velvet, fleece, fur etc is used to make the various kinds of throws but it is mostly the purposes of using the throw define the ultimate selection of the fabric. Attention to detail is given while fabricating throws. The yarn is pre-dyed with specially chosen colors to achieve lasting beauty. The deep rich colors are completely woven into each throw, creating a superior quality product. In many cases, effective use of a variety of techniques such as piecing, appliqué and embroidery is also done to impart a fashionable look to the decor. Based on fabric throws can be of following types:
  • Cotton throws
  • Cashmere throws
  • Chenille throws
  • Fur throws
  • Fleece throws
  • Silk throws
  • Velvet throws
  • Lambswool throws

Cotton Throws

  • Hand woven cotton throws
  • Machine woven cotton throws

Cotton throw Cotton throws are extensively used in various kinds like cotton bed throws, cotton pillow throws, cotton blanket throws etc. Cotton fabric is the most widely used fabric for any kind of home textile. To make these throws mostly pure cotton or chenille cotton and mercerized cotton is used. The cotton yarns are then weaved to form throws either with hand or with machine. Hand woven cotton throws are are expensive than machine wove cotton throws. Cotton throws are for warmth and style. While buying these check other features like thread count, micro fiber, ribbed, tailored, weave type etc.

Cotton Throws Wholesale Suppliers

Cashmere throws Cashmere throws are popular because of the warmth and fineness of the fabric. You will find these in all range of colors and love to embrace yourself in the soft velvety cashmere throws. You will also find Pashmina throws in this category.

Cashmere throw suppliers and brands

  • Himalaya Trading Company
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Gaiam
  • Dreamsack
  • Target

Chenille throwsVery velvety to touch these Chenille throws are elegant, contemporary and have many textures and designs. You will find cotton chenille, bamboo chenille, reversible chenille throws in all sorts of colors. Chenille throws suppliers and wholesale manufacturers bring out these accessories that are irresistible and rich in texture.

Chenille Throws Wholesale Suppliers and Sellers

  • Williams Sonoma
  • Home
  • Pottery Barn
  • Boscovs
  • Frontage

Fur ThrowsFur throws are simply elegant and item of pure royalty and luxury. Leopard prints and Cheetah prints are very popular among this category of throws. Fur throws are really soft and used on sofa, bed and even on the floor during chilly winter nights. These are given lining of cotton or other fabric for more durability. Some of the fur throws are also reversible so you can use it from both the sides.

Fur Throws Brands

  • Kozy Komfort
  • Aico Furniture
  • Conair
  • Levi's
  • Cannon

Fleece throws are made from the wool of the sheep whereas lambswool throws from the wool of lamb. Both these types of throws are actually very warm and soft. Used in winters, fleece throws add an decadent snuggle to your bed or place where you are using these. It becomes more soft when fleece is combined with the silk. With varied colors and available designs of chenille throws you can personalize your living area and bed room. You will find range of contemporary to traditional designs on this fabric. As it is a quiet affordable home furnishing accessory so you must have if you want to have a perfect living ambiance.

Fleece Throws Wholesale Brands & Suppliers

  • Logo Chairs
  • Northwest
  • Reebok
  • Garnet Hill
  • Wilmington

Types of Throws Based on Use

You can use throws in almost every place of your home. Handicrafted sofa throws that luxurious to feel is made from the soft synthetic or natural yarn. Ruffled, damask, organic knit sofa throw add touch to your drawing and dining room furnishing. Blanket throws and bed throws are the part of bedding furnishings and can be used for evening nap. Blanket throws wholesale suppliers use stripes, checks, jacquard prints, velvet to make these bed throws. Also these look very appealing when used. Rug throws are placed on the floor as carpets and pillow throws are used on the pillows. These are mostly embroidered for the extra touch of style.
  • Sofa throws
  • Blanket throws
  • Bed throws
  • Pillow throws
  • Couch throws
  • Comforter throws
  • Rug throws

Throws Based on Styles

Decorative throw blankets; plus decorative throw pillows, baby blanket throws, embroidered throws, throw rugs, throw pillows are the various kinds of throws available in the market. They're also perfect for couches, chairs dorm rooms, cabins, motor homes, trailers, cars, taking to the favorite sporting events or just snuggling up by the fireplace with a good book. And of course, they also make great gifts.
  • Quilted throws
  • Decorative throws
  • Designer throws
  • Woven throws
  • Personalized throws
  • Plain throws
  • Crochet throws
  • Embroidered throws

Quilted throwsThrows that have padding of wool or other lining in between the two sheets of fabric is quilted throw. These accessories are then done with quilting either by hand or with machine. Quilted throws suppliers also make decorative, designer and other ca

tegory of throws. You can also get personalized throws on while with embroidery you can get your name or personal lines. Crochet throws are basically for decorative purposes.

Embroidered throws Embroidered throws from India are very popular and in demand. For this Kashmiri embroidered throws are the most fascinating made from cotton, silk, organza and linen that can be with or without lining. This really adds to the beauty of the entire home decor. Embroidered throws can be embroidered with hand or with machine. Looks really stylish where ever these are used.

Embroidered Throws Suppliers

  • FansEdge
  • Weavers
  • Logo Chairs
  • CCM
  • Cutter & Buck

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