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Chair covers not only protect your chair from dirt, stain or spill but also give elegance to the chair. These are the part of other chair accessories to make the chairs look stylish. If you have an old chair then chair cover can alter the entire look of that and thus the room and give a very chisel look. So any kind of decorative affect can be given by using different kinds of chair covers designs, fabrics and pattern. Some of the chair covers completely cover the entire chair but some like slip chair covers let the part of the chair exposed for style.

Mostly you will see chair covers at occasions like wedding, birthday, reception baby shower or other kind of party but you can also use these at your home. For this purpose dining chair covers, kitchen chair covers and slip chair covers are very popular.
Kitchen Chair Covers
Kitchen Chair Covers

Kitchen Chair Covers

To decorate your kitchen chairs use the kitchen chair covers. Most commonly printed cotton fabric is use to make the kitchen chair covers that not only add style but also provide comfort. Also kitchen is a place where the kitchen chair covers have the maximum chances of getting different kinds of stains. So if it is made up of cotton then it is easy to clean them. Also better to get the half length kitchen chair covers rather than full length. For kids you can get the cartoon style kitchen chair covers. Kids will enjoy food on these.

Slip chair covers

Slip chair covers are very functional and a great way to decorate a chair. You can make slip chair covers according to the interiors of your room.
Slip Chair
Slip Chair Covers
Slip chair covers are just on the seat leaving arms, back and legs exposed. You can give a new look to your old wooden chair with the slip chair covers. You can make these at home. For this study the design of a chair and make the sketch of its seat on the paper. Also draw the sketch for the slip chair covers. Now buy the upholstery fabric. Make sure that the fabric is neither too slippery nor too thick. Cut the fabric according to the pattern. Sew the fabric and use it on the chair as a slip chair cover. Slip covers are of many kinds like furniture slip covers, wing chair slip covers, couch slip covers, sofa slip covers, sectional slip covers, loveseat slip covers and recliner slip covers.

Folding Chair Covers

Folding chair covers are basically for the folding chairs. Folding chair covers give new look to your chair. Some of the folding chair covers will just cover the back other will seat and some the entire chair. You will get these in wide variety of color and material. You can really transform the entire look of the room but spending few bucks as these are not expensive.

Although you can have the set of dining chair covers but when it comes to wedding or any other large gathering of this kind then you will have to depend upon the rental companies for this. Now selecting the best for chairs, chair size and chair shape is the biggest challenge. So before chair cover hire it is better to try one or two if possible. You must tell the rental company about the shape of the back and seat so that proper covers can be given. If possible send the picture of chair with proper dimension for accurate fit.

Chair Covers By Fabric

Satin Chair Cover
Satin Chair Cover

Organza because of the natural fluffiness is used predominantly to make wedding chair covers. Organza chair covers with bows and sashes look very elegant and can markedly change the status of the whole party. Different colors like white, navy, yellow, green, red, deep purple, aqua, burgundy, hot pink et al are used to make sashes, bows and chair covers.

Spandex chair covers give very stylish and sleek look and come under fitted category of chair covers. Spandex is a synthetic fabric that has elasticity. It is also called Lycra or elastane.

Almost all the wedding chair covers are made from satin that is a very shiny and a smooth fabric. Satin chair covers are dull from the wrong side but has a sparkle on right side. Along with satin the organza bows and sachets give the perfect match. Style of Wedding Chair Covers for a Romantic Wedding Polyester chair covers are also common with the rental companies and you can easily get them on rent. These are non iron, crease free and easy to wash and clean chair covers. Also you can get the polyester-cotton blend covers that looks like cotton chair covers. Pure cotton fabric is rarely used to make chair covers as this gets wrinkles very easily so give cluttery appearance.

For most of the chair covers simple single colored fabric is preferred over the printed ones. Also along with brocade weave, plain weaves are part of chair cover design. If we check the color then white and ivory is the most preferred choice where as black is also taken by many decorators.

Chair Covers Designs

Chair cover design is basically because of the shape of the chair. Simple chairs with chair cover looks dandified than the stylish chairs with chair covers.
Fitted chair covers have no flare as these completely hug the chair. Fitted chair covers are made as per the requirements of the customer.

Tieback chair covers are opposite to the fitted ones as very loose. Generally no seam is given to this chair covers and to make these the fabric is wrapped in way that it becomes a chair cover. Generally satin and organza is used to make the tieback chair cover.

Stretchy chair covers are made from the fabric that can be stretched like lycra. This type of chair cover fits to the shape of the chair. Generally you will see this in corporate events to give modern look.

Theme based chair cover are for the parties. Many chair cover rental companies has the theme based chair covers like casino chair cover, Christmas chair cover, car chair cover, Halloween chair cover and so on. So next time you are thinking to give theme to your party then do not worry about the chair covers as you will get these as per the requirement of theme.

Round and Square chair covers are basically according to the shape of the chair's back. If the edge of the back is round then chair cover will be round unless it will be square. It can be with or without pleats.

Pleats look so good and enhance the look of the chair. Also with the pleats single chair cover can fit on variety of other chairs having different seats and leg angles. Minimum damage the cover is caused by the legs of people sitting over the chair. IKEA chair covers for any purpose are the most favorite of all. From here you can get wedding chair covers, dining chair covers, slip covers and all other types in varied fabrics. Other chair cover manufacturers, chair cover suppliers and exporters also check the design preference of the customer before any design.