Chair Pads

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Dining Chair pads fundamentally protect the chairs and ensure comfort but at the same time use to upgrade the home decor. It is thus both functional as well as stylish home furnishings item. So if you are looking for comfortable yet a fashionable living then don't miss on chair pads. Stylish chair pads are sure to add warmth, comfort and charm to any seat in the house, be it a kitchen, dining room or a rocking chair. There are many styles to choose from such as hand hooked, braided chair pads, cushion chair pads, foam chair pads and more. These also protect furniture, wheelchairs and car seats from leaks and stains.

Where are Chair Pads Used?

Chair pads can be used on every seat of your home like dining chair, kitchen stool, rocking chair, outdoor couch et al. So depending upon the place and type of seat these are categorized as:
  • Kitchen chair pads
  • Dining chair pads
  • Rocking chair pads
  • Outdoor chair pads
  • Patio chair pads
  • Couch chair pads
For kitchen bench or chair flat and elegant kitchen chair pads are used so that you can relax while working. Kitchen chair pads are generally made from the cotton. You can find stripes, dots, floral prints and plain styles for these kitchen chair pads. Along with this it is important that these chair pads have ties to tie them up with the chair or stool. Rocking chair pads cushions are specifically made for the rocking chair and generally come as chair cushion sets. The set include one back and one seat chair pad cushion. It really add ease and vogue to the hardwood rocker seat. Here also cotton chair pads for the rocking chairs are more common. But you can also find satin, jute, glaze cotton rocking chair pads.

Some places of our home are really the showcase of the whole home. Drawing and dining area is one of those areas. So it is common to see embroidered dining chair pads made up of very fine and exotic fabric. Dining chair pads should match with the veneer of the dining table, other furniture and dining room furnishings. Then only the dining room chair pads will enhance your selected theme.

Fabric for Chair Pads

Dining Chair PadsProviding a soft place to land, these ultra-comfortable pads are usually made of soft polyester corduroy, acrylic, nylon and cotton. Cotton flannel provide absorbency, polyester imparts the required toughness and the non-slip nylon layer keeps the chair pad in place. Most of the people buy non slip chair pads as these do not slide on the sides. The base of these pads is made up of slip resistant fabric. On the other hand some non slip chair pads also come with ties and called chair pad ties. Here long threads are provided that are used for tying purposes. Perfectly fabricated chair pads are available in a variety of colors and styles and varied types of prints and patterns can be used to decorate the wonderful chair pads. The most common ones are :
  • Cotton chair pads
  • Leather chair pads
  • Polyester chair pads

Polyester chair pads resist fading and last long. Leather chair pads sits on leather couch and cotton chair pads are preferred by most of the consumers as these can be used in day to day living.

Dining Chair Pads Filling

Earlier it was the cotton that was used as a filling for any pad, mattress or duvet. But now there are many other materials in the market that are used as fillers. Any chair pad be it is dining chair pads or kitchen chair pads are either made up of foam or from very fine polyester fiber. Along with this, hollow fiber is also used to fill the dining room chair pads. It is a very soft material that retain the shape of the chair pads cushions for long time. Foam after some time tends to break and reduces its softness. In some cushions polywool is also used that these days is the substitute is cotton and foam.
  • Foam chair pads
  • Polyester fiber filling chair pads
  • Polywool chair pads

Chair Pads Styles

Rectangular Chair PadsThe style of this comfortable accessory depends upon the type of chair. The usage also defines the style. So if we have a rectangular shaped seat then chair pad will have the same shape. High chair pads are used for kids' chairs and normally very colorful and must have ties. Manufacturers thus keep in mind the seat style to make these. The most common ones are
  • Round chair pads
  • Rectangular chair pads
  • High chair pads
  • Replacement chair pads
  • Reversible chair pads

Now be it a dining chair pads or rocking chair pads or chair pads cushions, the quality is defined by the life. Some chair pads develop pressure sores and bruises after certain period of time. For this check the chair pad cushion, its thickness and foam quality. You can also go for the polyester fiberfill chair pads that are more durable than the foam ones. Keep in mind the decor of the rest of the room while buying the chair pads. Like kitchen chair pads can be coordinated with color of hand towels, apron or mats. For dining room chair pads, take the rugs, mats, upholstery in picture. Wherein outdoor chair pads can be colorful and in accord with outdoor furniture. Reversible chair pads last long and can be used two ways. These also help you in changing the room decor instantly.

An Overview on Chair Pads Manufactures, Exporters & Industry

India is a bouffant textile industry because of the easy availability of raw material and labor. Along with this the India traditional style, pattern, hand embroidery, block prints on fabric are also famous through out the world and thus the segment of chair pads, chair cushion pad or dining chair pad is also not untouched. Manufacturers are coming up with a wide range of chirs pads in varied styles, designs, prints, shapes and fabrics.Chair pads manufacturers keep the quality in mind and churn out varied designs and patterns of these home furnishing accessories. Cheap chair pads are also manufactured for certain sector of masses.

Round chair pads with hollow fiber filling is their latest product. Besides this you can also find chair pads cushions, box chair pads, dot chair pads and other variety from this manufacturer and suppliers. Together with chair pads, most wholesalers also offer cushion covers, with other home furnishing items like as decorative bed covers, table covers etc.

Famous Chair Pads Brands

  • Williams Sonoma
  • Eddie Baur
  • Colonial Mills
  • Greendale Home Fashions
  • Boss
  • Catnapper

Dining Chair Pads Chair Pads
Chair Pads

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