Sofa Covers

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Sofa can be transformed instantly with beautiful, inexpensive covers that feature super-soft fabric, great styling and soothing color combinations. These help in protecting the expensive sofa, making it tear resistant and solving the problem of wet, dirty or stained furniture. Sofa covers or sofa slip covers or slip covers for sofas can be used year round in all weather conditions and are perfect for redecorating the sofa, giving it a completely new look. High quality designs and exquisite fabrics combined with modern colors turn your sofa slipcovers into the perfect choice for home decor.

Designs and Styles of Sofa Covers, Slip Sofa Covers

Sofa CoversSofa covers are a great way to bring a fresh look to a room without spending a fortune. They update the design of the room with their distinct styles and colors. These provide solution to hide old sofa set and protect it from kids or pets, giving it a new life.

The designs of sofa covers range from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Apart from fabrics like satin, polyester, linen, cotton fabrics in solids, checks, dobby, jacquard designs are favored. These are further made charming and practical with the help of applique work, beautiful prints and embroidery.
Sofa covers
Sofa covers manufacturers are producing a complete line of easy to fit slip covers or sofa covers, custom made sofa covers, readymade sofa slip covers that give your furniture a beautiful and grandeur look.