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Providing a sophisticated alternative to window coverings, blinds are simple and convenient to use. Like any other fine window treatments, blinds add a special touch of warmth and rich, natural beauty to any room. They are available in wide range of materials, in a full range of styles & shades. Buyers can choose from various styles to suit the everyday need to control the sun light, while creating a distinctive decorative accent to complete the inviting warmth of the room.

Materials Used in Making Blinds

Very compact and light weight, blinds are available in variety of shades that come in soft textured, woven and non-woven fabrics that trap air for maximum energy efficiency and sound reduction. Blinds are available in a variety of pleat sizes, colors and an array of distinctive fabrics that provide varying degrees of light control and privacy. Fabrics blinds fit virtually every setting, whether elegant or casual. The array of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, jute etc. offers opacities from sheer to room darkening, as well as a wide range of colors, textures and patterns.


Window Blinds Types

Vertical blinds: These type of slats are made from vertical hanging slats attached together. They are also known as track blinds. They are perfect for large windows and sliding doors. They are used for energy efficiency, light control and can impart a room with a distinct look.

Roller blinds: Roller blinds are one of the most functional blinds. The distinctive feature of roller blinds is that they do not allow the morning light to come in. They are simple, elegant and highly versatile, available in an array of colors and designs.

BlindsRoman blinds: They are more or less similar to the roller blinds. These blinds can be moved up and down as desired. They are just perfect to give a luxurious look to a bedroom. Usually made of soft fabrics.

Venetian blinds: These are one of the popular type of blinds. Also known as horizontal blinds, they are made of horizontal slats, attached one above the other. The hanging slats are suspended with the help of a string or cloth and can be rotated to nearly 180 degrees to let the light in as required. As the slats can be closed completely, they are perfect for use in bathrooms. These blinds are just tood good for those who are looking for stylish and effective window coverings.

BlindsCellular Blinds: Cellular blinds also know as Honeycomb Blinds get their name from their shape which resembles honeycombs. From the side, they have the look of a honeycomb. They are energy efficient blinds, which get their energy efficiency from the pockets of air that the cells create.

Blinds for Home Decor

When planning for decoration of home, blinds are a good option. To give your home a perfect look, blinds can play a vital role. Window blinds are gaining extreme popularity. They can be used in the doors and windows of any rooms of the house such as the bathrooms, living room, kitchen and more. Today they form an integral part of home decor. They are not only used for functional purposes like as to reduce sunlight, deliver light control, insulation or energy efficiency, privacy, they are also used to contribute to the visual design of a room.