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Organic Baby Blankets, Organic Bedding for
Your Little Ones

Skin of your little one is very soft and delicate. Anything harsh, even the cloth that you consider is the softest can harm their skin. So you must be very particular in what to buy for them. From clothing to bedding everything must be soft and without chemicals. If you are among those considerate parents then you must go for the organic baby blankets and organic bedding for your little ones.

Which fabric you can use for Organic Baby Blankets?

To grow conventional cotton 7 out of top 15 chemicals are either “known” or “suspected to cause cancer as per EPA. Along with this 1/3 pound of chemicals are used to make cotton t-shirt from conventional cotton. All this are not there in organic cotton. So organic baby blanket will not contain any pesticide or harsh chemical. Therefore the nature of baby bedding must be 100% certified organic that is non toxic and also soft.

Organic cotton blankets and organic bedding are breathable and so your baby wont feel the warm and get healthy sleep.

Organic and Eco Friendly Baby Blanket Organic bamboo is another fabric that is gaining momentum in the category of natural fabrics. Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-fungal in quality. Also bamboo fabric is as soft as silk and 100% biodegradable. The bamboo baby blanket will also absorb 300% more moisture than the cotton ones so your baby will feel warmer. This is consider even better than cotton.

Hemp and cotton are although organic but yet these are bit abrasive to skin.

Top Organic Baby Bedding Stores


Bellacor is famous for green products. You will find amazing range of organic baby blankets and organic bedding here. You will find various brands like Tourance, Bask Home, Thank You Baby, Inspired Crib Bedding, Nobel Fibers, Pixel Modern Pieces et al of organic baby blankets here. From animal prints, bubble blues, classic prints, carnival bloom, diamond blue to dot pink and minky dots all are there at Bellacor. In their clearance sale you can save up to 50%.


You can also check organic baby blankets and organic bedding for babies at Giggle. Coyuchi, DwellStudio and Giggle Better Basics are there in this store for kids. Their Deluxe Receiving Blankets in red and navy are very soft, cozy and comfortable for babies. Organic baby blankets for cribs are also very wonderful to buy.

CSN Baby

CSN Baby is recognized for their organic baby blanket and other organic bedding sets for babies, infants and toddlers. CSN Baby is an online store from where you can get what you want for your baby's room. You can also get the nursery decoration ideas, kids' furniture by DaVinci, Babyletto, Dream on Me, Rock Star Baby et al.

Land Of Nod

Land Of Nod also has the collection of organic baby blankets with other things required for kid's bedding and room. Get the organic bedding for your baby along with furniture

What is organic?

Organic Baby BlanketOrganic means natural and eco-friendly. To make organic crop no fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides are used. So the crops are without harmful chemicals, therefore organic baby blankets and bedding made from organic crops with naturally be organic and safe. Even no chemicals are used while processing it. Eco labels are found on the clothing and eco friendly textiles. There are many kinds of eco labels one of which must be there in the organic baby blanket. This will certify that the blanket is 100% organic.