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Organic Textile Furnishings - Eco-Friendly
Home Decorating Ideas

Your mind & body get completely relaxed when you think of a green home having organic textile furnishings that generate very valuable & eco-friendly home decorating ideas. In this, eco-friendly fabrics are used for making textiles that are further used to produce green home furnishing products. So eco-friendly home decor is more than the green paint, placing green plants in the home & going green. In this concept not only textile furnishing elements but also the furniture, energy, natural light are considered.

With the environment awareness, the concept of green home decoration is becoming the item of style & appreciation. Many manufacturers of home furnishings products are now making environmentally friendly products that are used as home decor. Thus eco friendly is an on trend in home textiles.

Eco-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Now if you are thinking of making an environmentally friendly home then you must be familiar with ideas and concepts that goes into this. Major ones are described here in length. Eco-Friendly Home

Organic Textile Furnishings Require Green Elements

Organic textile is nothing but the fabric that is made from the organically grown crop. By organically grown crop we mean the crop that is not given harmful chemicals, fertilizers & other pesticides to grow but instead of this manure is used for the proper growth. This means that the crop will not have any negative effect on the environment as well as human being. You can choose cotton, silk, linen, hemp for your home decor as these are grown organically by many farmers and best suited to make green textile. Like you can choose the organic shower curtain instead on PVC one. Also choose the bed spreads , bed sheets , bath furnishings etc that are made from organic textile & fabric.

Moreover also consider the life span of the home furnishing product that you are going to buy. Make sure to buy the product that has a long life than the one with the shorter life span. You can go for cotton, wool or microfibers. Also check the eco-friendly labels while buying the green home decorating materials.

Going For Recycled Products

Just buying organic home furnishings made from environmentally friendly crops is not enough. You will have to consider the concept of recycling. Recycled products save lots of natural resources. As we know that in making wood furniture about 50% of the total world's forest have vanished till date that has lead to the global warming. So it is better to go for the recycled products so that we can save our forest. Buy the wood that has been certified by FSC or buy the reclaimed or recycled wood. The sustainable wood includes bamboo that is used in making furniture, doors, windows etc. This will complete the picture of green furnishings. So another approachable idea to have eco friendly home decor is to buy a product that has been recycled.

Saving Energy

Saving energy is also a vital aspect of eco-friendly home decorating ideas. The environmentally friendly home will contain the lighting that consume less energy so that all the resources behind this can be saved to protect our environment. For this, while designing a home, keep in mind the way for natural light & ventilation. Make sure that each room of your home receives ample natural light. It not only conserve energy but also keeps the bugs out of your home. Natural light is also important for physical well- being of you & your family.

Use of Natural Paint, Glass & Metal

Also consider the paint, metal & glass while jolting down the eco-friendly home decorating ideas for your home. Buy the paint that is without harmful solvents & toxins. In this way you can reduce the release of harmful gases by the paints in your home & atmosphere. Regarding glass & metal, prefer to buy recycled material to make your home green. By doing so you will lessen the resources that are used for making a new glass or a metal product. Use natural things for organic home decor.

So for green home decoration you will have to consider all these elements. If you already posses a home then you can begin working on these organic textile furnishings & other eco-friendly home decorating ideas one by one so that your home & you can breathe a fresh air and at the same time your environment is protected from the harmful chemicals.