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How to Remove Oil Stains from Tablecloth?

Festival season is about to come and you will be hosting so many parties that your tablecloths are bound to get some or other type of oil stain. This can really pissed you off. But don't worry about these stains as you can very easily remove these stains from the tablecloth to reuse them for the next party. You may find many commercial oil stain removing products but the results are not that satisfactory. So here are the few very handy tips on how to remove oil stains from tablecloth

Tablecloth These methods of removing oil stains can be used on any other fabric. But the temperature of water for rinsing and washing will vary. Like for cotton it can be lukewarm but for polyester and wool hot water is not used. So for this also read the laundry instruction.

Now the oil stain has been removed but you still can smell the oil or grease. To get rid of the smell of oil, use vinegar cleaner. Soak the tablecloths in vinegar cleaner for about 45 mins and then dry these. This will remove any smell of oil or grease.

So now you can enjoy every party of yours without taking any tension of these oily stains.