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Uses & Types of Leather Fabric

Your sofa needs upholstering and you are thinking which fabric to choose that goes with your room and home decor. Check the color of your table mats, table runners, furniture color, curtains to choose the leather fabric that is now available in varied colors and textures. You can either go for the synthetic/man-made leather or natural leather fabric.

Leather fabric has never ending life and with time it becomes soft to touch. Based on the processing, leather can be soft or rough to touch. Earlier it was used to make just sofa covers, car seats but now a days it is not hard to find other leather fabric accessories like rugs, couch, sofa, carpets, pillow covers, carpets etc.

Uses of Leather Fabric

Types of Natural Leather Fabric

Full Grain Leather Fabric

Leather Pillow CoversFull-grain leather, also known as top-grain leather is made from the hide. The hair from the leather are removed but it is not corrected with sanding, buffing or snuffing. Also this fabric undergoes very less chemical treatment that makes it very durable. Cow's skin is the best to make full grain leather. Full-grain leather thus contains all the natural marks on the surface giving full grain leather fabric an extra strength. This leather fabric is used in making bags, briefcases and shoes.

Corrected-grain Leather Fabric

Corrected-grain leather fabric is processed by the sanding, buffing or snuffing so you will find no mark on the top of leather. You will find two types of corrected-grain leather fabric based on the type of finishing. It can be semi-aniline and pigmented. Aniline leather fabric is coated with dye and contain the characteristics of hide on the surface.

Split Leather

Leather fabric in Different Textile FurnishingsThe fibrous part that is left after clearing the top grain leather is then used to make the split leather. Split leather also has the artificial layer that is placed at the surface of it to make it more thick and strong. Suede leather is made from split leather that is used to make variety of textile furnishing and accessories.

Patent Leather

If you are looking for very shinny leather fabric then you can check the patent leather. Artificially it is given high-gloss finish.

Shagreen Leather

It is mostly used in making sofas and other furnitures and also called stingray or skin leather fabric.

Cow Nappa

Leather Fabric SofasCow Nappa is an even-textured and soft leather, which is made from the outer skin of the cow. You will find variety of colors and finishes in this leather fabric. This wrinkle free leather is used to make many fashion apparels.

Pig Suede

Pig Suede leather is generally the inner side of the hide or skin that is next to the meat of the pig. It is buffed to give a smooth finish. Suede may also be split from a thick hide.

Types of Synthetic Leather Fabric

Bonded Leather

To make bonded leather 90-100% leather fibers are used, which are then bonded with the latex binders to have an appearance of a true leather. This leather is not that durable and used to make things that are less frequently used.

Bycast Leather

It is a type of split leather that contains the layer of polyurethane on its surface. After this it is embossed. It is used in making shoes and also in the furniture industry. It is very easy to clean and maintain bycast leather.

If you like style and rich look then do not miss to use leather fabric in your drawing room to complete your home decoration. You can pick synthetic or natural leather. To buy leather keep in mind the following things