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Mattress Covers for Your Bedding

Mattress covers are used above the mattress to make your bedding and protect your mattress from dust, bugs and other unwanted things. Instead of a single sheet on the top, mattress covers are in the form of cover that is stitched from three sides and open from the fourth side. This side can have zipper, Velcro tape, strings or buttons as a closure.

Now if you already have a mattress cover or you are looking forward to purchase the one then you must know the different kinds and varieties of available mattress covers for your bed furnishing needs. First of all purchase only that mattress cover that is made from the breathable fabric, which means that it allows the air to pass through it. This is the best way to keep the dust, mites and allergens away. All the allergy mattress cover, mattress cover bed bugs, mattress cover dust mites have this property. Cotton is the best fabric to make breathable mattress covers.

Allergy Mattress Covers

Do you or any of your family member suffers from allergy? If yes, then you really need to buy allergy mattress covers that have anti allergy properties. But it is not easy to find 100% anti allergy mattress covers. Mattress covers that are anti allergic must be sterilized and treated with the chemicals that have little or no effect on the skin. To manufacture the allergy mattress cover only that fabric can be used that is organic and natural. For that it must not be grown with the harsh chemicals. Allergy Solutions, Inc. is known for the production of allergy mattress cover along with duvet covers , heating and air conditioning, cleaning products, pillow covers, blankets and many more. You can buy their products online.

Mattress CoverAllergy mattress covers also keep the bed bugs and dust mites away that generally live in our mattresses, comforters, blankets and other bed furnishing products. Apart from this pollen that are the most common allergens are also found in the mattresses. To make anti allergy mattress cover mostly 100% cotton is used to which no chemical is used. Cotton makes the allergen barriers and does not allow the bugs and dust to come out. The pore size of the cotton fabric to make allergy mattress cover is taken at 1.5 microns and tested for all the allergens like dust mites, bed bugs, feces etc in the laboratory. You will find all the sizes of mattress cover allergy that include queen, king, full/double, twin and California King.

Anti Allergy Mattress Cover Brands

Waterproof Mattress Covers

Waterproof Mattress CoverWaterproof mattress covers protect your mattress and does not allow water or any other liquid to seep through it. You can simply wipe it down with disinfectant or can dry it with paper towel or face towels. So useful, these waterproof mattress covers are machine washed and very comfortable. These are generally made from PVC. You can place the PVC waterproof mattress cover on the mattress and then place a mattress pad on the top of it. This will not allow the heat of the PVC cover to disturb your night sleep. Moreover this bedding is considered as anti allergic and suggested by the doctors. Along with this waterproof mattress coves are also made from cotton/polyester with waterproof backing of PVC PU PEVA. The padding material is usually 100% polyurethane. The waterproof mattress covers are mostly used to make bedding for the kids in the crib.

Waterproof Mattress Covers Brands

White Cotton Allergy Mattress Cover
Apart from these two basic and broad categories of mattress cover you will also find the below given mattress covers
Zippered mattress cover has the zip on one side that help to close the cover easily. Firm, foam and feather mattress covers differ in terms of filling. Foam mattress covers are very soft and made up foam. Essentia makes foam mattress covers and foam mattress of high quality with 20 years of limited warranty. No glue is used to make these and all the natural ingredients are used to make the foam also. Then there is Stearns and Foster, Sealy Posturepedic in the market of foam mattress. Extra space is given in the mattress covers for storage.

So you can go for the different kinds of mattress covers that are available in the market by just defining your needs.