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How to Make Block Chenille Quilts - DIY

Linen Table Cloth Chenille quilts
are liked by all but few has the interest to make it. If you want to make block chenille quilts then here is the simple step by step procedure on how to make block chenille quilts. Follow the instruction and get the quilt made by you.

First of all you must know what you are going to make so if you are a beginner and does not know much about sewing and all, it is better to select the quilt pattern before making chenille quilts. You can search internet for various chenille quilt patterns. Once you have selected that collect the things written below

Things Required

Instructions on How to Make Chenille Quilt

Chenille Quilt
Chenille Quilt

Your chenille quilt is now ready to use or you can also give this as a present to your loved ones. Also if you have hands on embroidery then you can go with some simple stitches at the edges to make it embroidered quilt. You can also make the quilt cover in the same manner but do not put the filling inside and keep the lower and upper fabric separated from each other.