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How to Make Swing Cushion and Rocking
Chair Cushion?

March 18, 2010- Swing Cushion Cushions have become an inseparable part of any home. They can be seen everywhere- drawing room, dining room and even bedroom. The cushions adorned with beautiful cushion covers, give the home an aesthetic feel. Here are some tips and step by step instructions on on how to make cushion.

How to Make a Swing Cushion?

If you plan to make outdoor furniture cushions for your porch or yard swing, follow the steps given below. You will need strong fabric, bed pillows, fabric protector to protect the cushion from rain, moisture etc. and ribbons.

How to Make a Rocking Chair Cushion?

Swing Cushion
Swing Cushion
Rocking chair cushions are quite expensive. So, make a one yourself to get some more relief while enjoying your rocking chair. Materials you will need include paper, newspaper, fabric, quilt batting, heavy duty thread, scissors, color marker and pins.
For making your cushions beautiful, use cushion covers. For guidance on cushion covers, read Cushion Covers