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Stitching is an ancient craft involving the stitching of cloth or other materials, using needle and thread. The fabric is sewn together to form a pieced garment, or items such as buttons and zippers are attached to material. Soft goods other than clothes, such as curtains, bedclothes, upholstery, and table linens, are also made by stitching.

Types Of Stitching
"Plain" stitching is done for functional reasons: making or mending clothing or household linens. "Fancy" stitching is primarily decorative, including techniques such as shirring, embroidery, or quilting. Stitching is the foundation for many needle art and craft, such as applique, canvas work, and patchwork.

Stitched Techniques
Most stitching is done by machines. Pieces of a garment or the edge of a cloth are firstly tacked together. Some people sew clothes for themselves and their families. More often home sewers sew to repair clothes, such as mending a torn seam or replacing a loose button.

A person who stitch for a living is known as a seamstress, dressmaker, tailor, or garment worker. Electrification and attachments for hemming, tucking, quilting, embroidering, making buttonholes, and similar operations have widened the applications of the household machine.