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Fiber Tests

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According to the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act, it is mandatory for the manufacturers of garments and household furnishings to attach labels to the products specifying the entire fiber content.

Recognition and identification of fiber contents in different home furnishing fabrics and textiles has become tough owing to an ever increasing variety of types of fibers, blending techniques, fabric construction techniques and finishes.

It is therefore necessary to conduct certain tests establishing the fiber used, their source, whether natural or synthetic. This further helps to know the proper usage or the application of the fiber in different industries and products.

Types of Fiber Tests

Non Technical Tests: These test are conducted to determine the fiber content and blend. These tests are especially useful for determining the different fibers blended to form a particular fabric. Non technical tests are easy and simple to perform; they do not require any special equipment.

Technical Tests: These are elaborate tests, are generally conducted in a laboratory to determine the blend of fibers used and their content. The tests require high technical know how and skilled personnel.