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Non Technical Tests

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Various non technical tests are conducted to establish the fiber content and the blend. Since every time one cannot make the fiber undergo laboratory testing and analysis, so certain significant non technical fiber tests are performed.

Non technical testing does not require any special equipment or setting for identification of fiber. The tests are useful and simple to perform and also provide ready identification under certain circumstances.

Types of Non Technical Tests
Burning Test: The test involves moving the sample of fiber to be tested, slowly towards a flame and then the reaction should be carefully observed.

Following steps should be performed: Feeling Test: The test involves feeling the fabric and requires skilled perception of the person testing the fabric. The If a person places a skill to "feel the fabric" correctly is acquired with experience. For example if a person places his finger on a sample of cotton or linen, the heat generated by the finger, passes off because the fibers are conductors of heat. The fabrics will therefore feel cool to the touch.

Different man made and natural fibers can be tested including: The above steps should be performed, in case the fabric is made from a single yarn, if however, the fabric is a blend of two or more fibers, or yarns, then the lengthwise yarns should be separated from the cross wise yarns and each set should be tested separately.