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Wool Fiber

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Wool is a natural fiber sourced from animals. It grows from the skin of sheep, goats. Rabbit and alpacas are also used for producing high quality wool. This natural fiber is composed of a protein known as Keratin and is a relatively coarse fiber.

Physical Characteristics
The fiber is wavy, crimpy and has scales on its surface. The appearance of wool varies , depending on the breed of sheep. While some fibers can be have finer scales, others can have crimp and coarser scales. Wool fiber is susceptible to heat and has a felting property, caused due to the scales on the surface.

Major Countries
The quality of wool is determined by the breeding, climate, food, general care and health of the sheep. Australia is the world leader manufacturing high quality merino wool. Other major producers of wool are New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, Uruguay and the United states.

Wool is used for manufacturing various products including: