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Carpets and Rugs

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Floor coverings have been made from various textile fibers for thousands of years. Throughout civilization, carpets and rugs have formed a part of different cultures, countries and civilizations. Priceless carpets and rugs made over hundreds of years ago in the East, are exhibited in museums today.

Rugs and carpets serve as a colorful foundation for all the decorative plan and color scheme for various rooms, schools, office buildings, hospitals, hotels etc.

Difference between Rugs and Carpets
The term 'Rug' and 'Carpet' are often used synonymously, but the form or the size in which these coverings are manufactured differs. Rugs may vary in shape and size. Rugs and carpets are manufactured according to certain size standards.

Price Determination
There are many factors that account for the price differential in these home furnishing items. They are: Carpets Manufacturing Process
Carpets and rugs can be constructed using different techniques and methods. Different types of materials are used for the construction of carpets and rugs.