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A blanket is a rectangular piece of home furnishing that can be divided into quilts, duvets and comforters. Traditionally blankets were made of wool, but nowadays artificial or man made fibers are used for manufacturing different types of blankets.

Blankets are made from various materials and in different constructions and compositions for providing degrees of warmth, durability and softness. Blankets are usually woven, sometimes knitted or stitch knitted. They can also be needles or made my flocking fibers onto a polyurethane foam base.

Materials Used
A variety of man made and natural fibers are used for manufacturing blankets. These fibers are either used wholly or blended for making high quality blankets. Some of the extensively used materials are: Types of Blankets
Three types of blankets are made that generally differ in certain characteristics including appearance, texture, warmth, durability, and care. They can generally be categorized into: