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Thermal Blanket

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Thermal blankets are quite light weight in construction. They are either woven in a variation of the plain weave, including honey comb pattern, or knitted in a way that produces a light weight construction.

Blanket Construction
The blanket is designed using a combination of soft twist yarns and open construction for providing air spaces for insulation.

Materials Used
A variety of materials are used for manufacturing light weight blankets. Some of them are: The fabric is not napped. These blankets are are better suited for summer or light weight blankets. The warmth of these blankets varies according to the fiber used. The blankets are weaker and less durable when compared to the conventional blankets. They are least resilient and can be laundered easily.

Design and Style
The blankets are available in a variety of designs and shades. These luxurious and elegantly designed home furnishing items can be used all year round for utmost warmth and comfort.