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A towel is a rectangular/square piece of cloth made from an absorbent fabric. The main function of a towel is to absorb moisture from wet skin.

Construction of Towels
The fabric for towels is constructed from pile weave or without a Jacquard pattern or other decorative designs. The pile is preferably uncut for greater wear. The underweave, meant for providing strength to the towel should be firm, close, tight and having twill weave.

Types of Towel
Towels are divided by size into five groups or heads. These towels can be used for both domestic and industrial purpose. Materials Used
The materials used to manufacture towels, must be strong enough to withstand the strain of rubbing and pulling by the user.

Most towels are made either from all-cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester. While polyester towels are known to possess more strength , have lighter weight, dry faster and shrink less, all-cotton towels provide greater absorbency.