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Polypropylene Fiber

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Polypropylene is a manufactured fiber used for manufacturing carpet yarns. Economical carpets suited for light domestic use are constructed from this fiber.

The fiber is thermoplastic, resilient, light weight and resistant t mildew and a host of chemicals.

Manufacturing Process
The production of polypropylene fiber varies among the manufacturers. The manufacturing process differs, so that desirous properties can be achieved including dyeability, light stability, heat sensitivity etc.

The basic production procedure includes polymerizing propylene gas with the help of a metal compound like titanium chloride. The polymer, so formed from propylene is slurried in the diluent to decompose the catalyst, it is filtered thereafter, purified and finally reduced to polypropylene resin.

The resin so formed is melted and extruded through a spinneret in a filament form. These filaments are then treated for getting desirous properties.

The fiber is extensively used for outdoor carpets and also other industrial applications. It is also used for manufacturing different apparels.