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Tabular Presentation of Fibers

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Natural Fibers
Vegetable FibersCotton FiberCellulose
Vegetable FibersLinen FiberCellulose
Vegetable FibersJute FiberCellulose
Vegetable FibersHemp FiberCellulose
Vegetable FibersSisal FiberCellulose
Vegetable FibersKapok FiberCellulose
Vegetable FibersRamie FiberCellulose
Vegetable FibersCoir FiberCellulose
Vegetable FibersPina FiberCellulose
Animal FibersWool FiberProtein
Animal FibersSilk FiberProtein
Mineral FiberAsbestos FiberVarieties of Rock
Manmade Fibers
CellulosicRayon FiberCotton linters or wood
CellulosicAcetate FiberCotton linters or wood
CellulosicTriacetate FiberCotton linters or wood
Non CellulosicNylon FiberAliphatic polyamide
Non CellulosicPolyester FiberDihydric alcohol and terephthalic acid
Non CellulosicAcrylic FiberAcrylonitrile
Non CellulosicModacrylic FiberAcrylonitrile
Non CellulosicPolypropylene FiberPropylene
Non CellulosicGlass FiberSilica sand, limestone